Hello beloved YaMaEL, I thank you from all of my heart !! I had almost month ago my 15D auric clearing session. Session was so powerful and also i had lot of letting go work to do after 🙂 YaMaEL never leaves you to feel alone, she's most loving and supportive light worker i have seen in my life!! Everything she tell about her sessions is true! But... If you are ready then you are 🙂 Its my 29th day and i have everyday bigger or smaller energy transmissions 🙂 so powerful is this clearing and it gives you kick into ass to grow even more . Difference is that you are free and have much room for a new and interesting to discover! I have huge smile on my face and everywhere i go i smile 🙂 I'm just happy all the times even if its hard day 🙂 Also i feel that i have so much energy inside me and my hands! Actually i could stay here to write about all that love what i have received from this session with YaMAEL, probably for hours 🙂 Thank you from all of my heart!! Im grateful that i met her!! She is real goddess and i am so proud to call her my friend !! love and light & Bunch of hugs 🙂 With love, Helen

Helen Finland https://www.divinitycodes.com/15d-auric-clearing/ January 19, 2015