5D Grounding Code Activation

New DNA Coding for Upgrading 5D Grounding Ability of Spiritual/Physical Bodies

groundingSo many wondrous and beautiful changes are occurring on our planet and within our physical bodies. Many people have been expressing difficulty with feelings of being disconnected from their bodies, life and other people. Experiencing little joy or ability to manifest in the physical. This is where 5D Grounding becomes highly beneficial.

To put this in better perspective, the easiest way to understand what is taking place within your body and around you spiritually as you work to raise your vibrations is likened to the perception of 2 bodies trying to work together from the same body in harmony. That is just what 5D grounding your spiritual or higher self body into the your physical body and being is. It is a merging of energy, etheric and physical. Your Spiritual Lightbody is the true essence of you, neatly wrapped in your physical body so that you can exist in this dimension. Your physical body is your Spirit's transportation vehicle so to speak. 

The conundrum so many are experiencing as they work to raise their frequencies, light and energy levels is that the Spiritual Lightbody can hold a considerably higher quotient of light and energy than the physical body has been capable of processing. This can leave one feeling a deep separation between their body and their spirit as well as an inability to experience joy and peace from their bodies or manifest the simplest desires in their physical world.

I myself have found it difficult at times to feel balanced in stressful situations that would leave me feeling air headed and disconnected. In recent months my family has experienced a horrendous shift that has been so breathtakingly stressful that had I not already recoded my own DNA to allow my physical body to receive equal amounts of high vibrational frequencies as my spiritual body, I'm not sure I could have maintained the balance I needed to come out on top.

Complete Physical Grounding is so VITALLY needed by everyone on this planet so that as Mother Earth and our spiritual body's upgrade and evolve, our physical bodies can be simultaneously upgraded and expanded with ease and our spiritual body can merge with our physical body harmoniously without the physical insult and exhaustion previously experienced by so many.

Grounding is the connection between your physical body and the center of the universe.

Beautiful One, your physical body was designed to experience LIVE and IN PERSON the magnitude of love and joy of Prime Creator God!  We were not meant to float above our bodies and observe the goings on of life. We were made to jump in and EXPERIENCE life right from these beautiful bodies.

As we raise the vibrational frequency of our spiritual selves, we must also do the same for our physical selves. Many people have the perception that the body's frequency levels raise in unison but that is simply not the case. We must tend to, love, clear, nurture and activate our physical body the same as we do our spiritual body, chakras and energy fields.

How Can This Powerful 5D Grounding Session Help You?

* Are you finding yourself out of energy and zest for life? 5D Grounding can help!

* Experiencing little joy from your physical body? 5D Grounding can help!

* Unable to manifest/create your desires in your life? 5D Grounding can help!

* Feeling aches and pains in your body that you can't explain? 5D Grounding can help!

* Find it hard to associate with others and prefer to be alone? 5D Grounding can help!

* Feelings of experiencing life from outside your body? 5D Grounding can help!

* Feelings of detachment and isolation? 5D Grounding can help!

* Feeling scatter-brained and forgetful? 5D Grounding can help!

*Do you feel ungrounded no matter how much you work on grounding?

5D Grounding can help!

If you said yes to any of the above, you are not going nuts and there is nothing wrong with you! What you are experiencing is an imbalance in your physical/spiritual bodies frequencies that many people including myself have experienced personally. This is where 5D Grounding comes in very handy!

If you are here reading these words and they sound all too familiar, it is no mistake! It is because you are being guided from within by your higher self to


5D Grounding is the energetic connection between your physical body and the center of the universe. It is what anchors your spiritual body (also called a Lightbody) into your physical body and your physical body to the center of Earth. This new coding will upgrade your current DNA Blueprint Structure to allow your physical body to expand harmoniously, allowing your Spiritual Body to FULLY GROUND with your Physical Body so you can experience life, joy and love FROM YOUR BODY! The way it was intended. The way it was created, so you can not only begin to participate in life in glorious new ways but you can finally begin to ENJOY LIFE IN AND FROM YOUR BODY!

How Much Does the 5D Grounding Session Cost?

The Energy Exchange for the 5D Grounding Session is currently: 


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Love and Light to you always!