7 Chakra Healing Clearing & Realignment!

What Can a 7 Chakra Clearing do for you? There are far more shifts and media driven stresses occurring at this time than ever before in history that has resulted in many people losing their focus, being taken out of center, loosing sight of the truth and diluting their inner guidance. People everywhere are more stressed out, anxious, and downright frazzled just trying to cope with the new energies and rapid changes manifesting in record numbers. However my Beloved One, it doesn't have to be that way. Chakra Clearing is a great way to balance your energy centers, open your meridians and receive more light and inner guidance than ever before. Stagnant energy keeps you from feeling your divine best.

Your physical body is made up of a complex energetic system called Chakra Centers that one can "Tune Up" in a Chakra Healing and Balancing Session to help you regain your inner peace, calm and serenity no matter what is going on around you. Your 7 main physical chakra centers work cooperatively with all of your body's vital systems and organs as each Chakra corresponds to certain organs and areas of your body. If one of your main chakras become out of balance, the corresponding areas of your body become out of balance as well and the organs that Chakra governs can become vulnerable to illness and disease. Pain and ill-health is a sign of a blockage in the chakras and Chi that requires our attention. It is time we all learn that we must take care of our chakras with as much love and devotion as we give to our beautiful bodies. When your chakras are open, clear and balanced in a full Chakra Clearing your body and all of it's internal organs can function properly and you can regain a sense of peace, health and Joy.

Below is a description of your 7 Chakras:

7 Chakra System* Root chakra: The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine, its primary color is RED. This chakra is your grounding and prosperity chakra. When this center is blocked or unbalanced you can have a feeling of no energy and being disconnected from source, unable to feel joy in your body. This is also the chakra that grounds us to our roots as a spiritual being and feeds us energy from mother earth.

* Sacral chakra: The Sacral Chakra is a reproductive center located below the navel, its primary color is ORANGE. This is your giving and receiving chakra. It also serves Prosperity creation as well. Manifesting is not easily successful when this chakra is blocked. Issues related to sex, love and relationships can also be affected when this chakra is not balanced and clear.  

* Solar-plexus chakra: The Solar Plexus Chakra is located just above the navel and is your Personal Power & Guidance Center. Its primary color is YELLOW. This chakra deals with authority, both accepting your authority as a divine being as well as tolerating authority coming from others. When blocked, your intuition for receiving guidance is quite limited. This chakra is the point of origin for receiving life force energy into your body and one can feel to be tired and out of patience and understanding when dealing with others.  A blocked solar center can affect your stomach, digestion, absorption of nutrients and minerals, intestinal upset and gallbladder disorders.

* Heart chakra: The Heart Chakra is located to the right of your physical heart in the center of your chest, its primary color is GREEN. This is the center related to our ability to express unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion. Blocks and imbalances in this chakra can cause anxiety and feelings of being disconnected from people and life, and emotional upset that can lead to physical issues with the heart, lungs and circulatory system.

* Throat chakra: The Throat Chakra is located at the base of the throat, its primary color is BLUE. This chakra is your personal power center for speaking your truth and affects your ability to speak up for yourself, stand in your truth and set clear boundaries.  Blocks and imbalances in this chakra can affect your throat, mouth, teeth, gums, thyroid, esophagus, palate and appetite as can also be associated with heartburn and indigestion issues.

* 3rd Eye or Brow Chakra: The 3rd Eye Chakra is located just above the eyebrows on the forehead, its primary color is INDIGO. This is your "all seeing eye", your psychic center for receiving images, visions and information from higher realms. Blocks and imbalances in this chakra also affects receiving guidance, intuition and can greatly stagnate spiritual gifts. 

* Crown Chakra: The Crown Chakra is located at the top or crown of the head, its primary color is VIOLET and can also be white. This chakra is your higher communication center and connection to Source. Blocks and imbalances in this chakra affects your ability to receive higher guidance, feelings of being disconnected from Source and life - low energy as well as back of the head headaches, neck and shoulder discomfort.

7 Chakra Clearing and Realignment Session Benefits:

Chakra Healing For StressIf you are not experiencing much Love for yourself and others, or your ability to manifest an abundance of Prosperity and Joy in your life, or experiencing anything less than good health, then it's time you consider partaking of YaMaELs 7 Chakra Clearing & Healing Session. In this Powerful Session you will receive an overall health assessment of your 7 main physical chakras which will be intuitively scanned for blockages, negative energy and anything that is out of alignment with your highest good and standing in your way of experiencing more love, joy, peace, abundance and divine health will be cleared from all 7 chakras. Each Chakra will then be optimally balanced and realigned to your highest frequency holding potential and original Divine function in the best way possible for you as guided by your Higher Self.

Please STOP HERE and read the Important Notice down below if you prefer to have all 15 chakras cleared instead of just 7!  

What is the cost of a 7 Chakra Clearing & Realignment Session?

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you want to go EVEN DEEPER and receive EVEN MORE, YaMaEL now offers a full 15 Chakra Auric Clearing and Healing Session that not only scans and reads your 7 main chakras but also includes a reading and clearing of your 8 Morphogenetic (higher) chakras for a full 15 Chakra Auric Clearing and healing session. This powerful session includes the clearing of all unwanted attachments, non pristine energy, discarnates and entity attachments as well as a DNA Template Upgrade  and the Activation of 4 Major Brain Centers.  

To read more about this powerful 15D Chakra Session please click this link: 15 Chakra Auric Clearing 

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