Goddess Power Energy Healing Activation

Activate your Goddess Power! RE-Establish The Perfect Divine Male~Female Balance You Were Created With!

In the beginning, there was perfect balance between the male~female energies that cohabitated in peace and harmony. Along the way, and as spirits evolved, taking on more advanced physical existences as spiritual beings experiencing life from physical bodies, more and more of the original feminine~masculine energies became unbalanced and their connection to their universal guidance from the higher dimensions diminished.

For over 26,000 years, this Earth and it's inhabitants have lived in a primarily masculine dominant energy. It is time for the feminine energiesGoddess Power (goddess power) to once again merge with the masculine to re-establish the once perfect and harmonious balance that existed long ago.

To all you men out there, this Goddess Power RE-Activation is by no means meant for just females. Male energy is a very important part of reestablishing the much needed balance of the energies upon this magnificent planet. Male beings, like females, were originally created with the perfect balance of male~female energy as did all of existence.

That is what you are reconnecting with this re-activation. Your personal, and original masculine~feminine energies as they were intended to exist within you. Your Higher Self will guide each of you accordingly, regardless of the physical sex of your body. RE-Activating your Personal Divine Goddess Power unleashes Your Perfect Divine Balance of creative and productive abilities. This enabling you to manifest your desires, establish your boundaries and speak your truth with TRUE Goddess Power.

Do not let the name fool you, Goddess Power, like Masculine Power, is very powerful in their own light, but together, blended in perfect balance, you can achieve anything you desire without the song and dance of the ego who can now take it's rightful place in your existence as an observer. You will then REGAIN CONTROL of the YOU that YOU were created to BE! Fully connected and guided by the Universal Consciousness of ALL Life, in charge and in PERFECT DIVINE BALANCE of both energies as it was created in the beginning. 

How Much Does the Goddess Power Activation Cost?

The introductory Energy Exchange for The Goddess Power Re-Activation is currently:


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[After Paypal payment has been made, you will be returned to this website. You will receive a Paypal receipt as well as an email from YaMa'EL confirming your Energy Healing Scheduled Session. Within 24 hours of your session, you will receive an email report from YaMa'EL detailing your session along with any messages or guidance received on your behalf ]

I look forward to meeting you on the higher plains to assist you in reclaiming your Original Goddess Power Energy, guided by your Highest Self for the highest good of all mankind!