5D Ascension Training With Master Jesus

What an exciting time this is! Do you understand that ALL OF IT is because of YOU? With every breath you take and every moment you radiate the Light of God that you are, YOU CREATED THIS! It is YOU who raised your vibration a little higher, your heart that loved a little more and YOU who stood in your power with a little more authority. It is YOU who looked a little deeper for the guidance you have come to rely on and trust with your life. It is YOU who created all that you need and more, including the 5D Ascension Training you are reading about! Nothing happens by accident dear one, no-thing! 

jeshua2xIt is YOU who loved enough to desire the same for all in the oneness you have come to know as your very own reflection! ESPAVO Beloved One! Did you know you were so powerful? Did you know that as you heal so shall all others heal through you? That as you grow all others can grow through you?
Are you aware that as you raise your vibrations the vibrations of all others raises through you as well? That IS how powerful you are beloved one! You are waking up spiritually, your physical body is morphing from carbon to crystalline based. Every aspect of your being is integrating new energy - rejuvenating cells and restoring health, joy and prosperity in many amazing and miraculous ways. With such monumental changes occurring not just in each other, but for every living organism in existence.

From the realms of Heaven to the center of Earth and beyond, all is changing, aligning to new frequencies and restoring itself to the extent that many people are experiencing far less than a peaceful transition. So many of my clients, colleagues and friends are waking up so fast and so furiously that they have come to me seeking help adjusting and recreating their lives and expressing difficulty integrating all the new high frequency light energy that is now available to everyone. I have felt such a heavy heart being given the gifts that I have to help others receive these higher frequencies, activations and alignments, but was not given any clear direction to help them do so with ease and much less turbulence that many have been experiencing. My heart grew heavier with every email and conversation concerning ascension and issues dealing with integrating the new energies, the massive shifts and prosperity issues that I sat down and called upon Master Jesus who has been my personal guide since I arrived in this lifetime, and I commanded an answer that could help everyone learn how to easily and gracefully follow their spiritual paths and pursue their spiritual gifts as they prepare their bodies for ascension without all the perceived turbulence. Then I simply let go and waited for an answer.

As a result, 5D Ascension Training was brought forth. My Beloved Jesus came to me and asked if I would help him bring forth a series of New 5th Dimensional Information and Activations that will help you activate all 12 dimensions of your Lightbody and give you new 5D Ascension Training that will enable much easier transitions through these new energies as your prepare all 4 of your physical and spiritual bodies for ascension. Regardless of what you may have heard ~ ASCENSION DOES NOT HAVE TO BE HARD! I eagerly and humbly accepted this opportunity to work closely with Ascended Master Jesus to bring forth this 5D Ascension Training information as an open vessel and answer to the prayers of so many upon this planet at this monumental time and space we have chosen to be in at this very moment. It is with great honor and on the Golden Wings of Christ that I now present you with a brand new Ascension Series with Master Jesus for all who are guided from within to reconnect with the Divine Essence of the Christ as you prepare all aspects of your being for Ascension and beyond.


Jeshua"Ahhh Yes, Greetings My Radiant Brothers and Sisters! It is I, the one you know and honor as Master Jesus. Yet, the honor is but my own to know you, for the time of placing yourself below that of any being is DONE! It is time to take back your power as the Christed Heart of God that you are! The Light that shines forth from you Beloved One, is GRANDER than anything I ever experienced while on earth and it is YOU I stand in honor of now for your dedication to the Eternal Flame that you have ignited within you and continue to breathe life into with each blessed breath that you take.

The ascension process for many has been one of swift changes and uncertainty as the waves of transmutation continue to unfold like a beautiful flower guided only by the Golden Sun, the Life Force from which it was created. THAT FLOWER IS YOU BEAUTIFUL ONE! Searching, reaching and choosing life, choosing love, choosing peace and choosing to remember. And Dear One, remember you shall for you have created this moment. You have summoned the truth and you are remembering that every moment is a choice to be light, or not. To be joy, or not. To be an open vessel thru which Gods love can pour through ... or not. You are ready, and because of the magnificent light that you shine, all of humanity will soon be ready to take the final step into 5th Dimensional Oneness and awareness.

To cross the great divide of consciousness, shatter the illusions of this dimension and emerge victorious into 5th dimensional living in a fully activated Merkaba Lightbody. You are ready! Can you feel me tugging at your heart in truth as I speak these words to you now? The very fact that you are here now resonating with my words, my heart and my love is all because you created it and because you are ripe and ready to receive. And so it is Precious One, so it is. The time to receive is NOW! The time to rejoice is NOW! You have asked, and so beloved one shall you receive all that you desire and more with peace, grace and harmony!

Again I say YOU ARE READY my beloved, and I invite you and your radiant presence to my Golden chamber of Light in the 5th Dimension where I shall work with you personally in the 5D Ascension Training Series with the assistance of my channel and beloved sister YaMa'EL as I take you through a series of 5D Ascension Training beginning with activating all 12 of your Lightbodies that will help you integrate the high vibrational energy that you and everyone are experiencing as the shifts continue in full motion waves towards your greatest destination of all time. I will show you how to awaken your spiritual gifts, to love yourself and others unconditionally so that you can experience the greatest earthly experience of true physical ascension with much more peace and joy as you continue to create and experience Heaven right there on Earth from your beautiful body. Just as Father/Mother God created it to be. And so much more beautiful one.. so very much more."

Welcome to 5D Ascension Training!

I would also like to take a brief moment and remind you of the importance of being well hydrated before and after any of the 5D Ascension Training Sessions and anytime you are working with high flying energy. You will be exposed if you will, to high vibrational energy in these 5D Ascension Training Sessions that will require more energy to process and more water to help your body complete that task and replenish itself. Also of great importance, especially if you are not yet a seasoned Lightworker or experienced at processing vast amounts of 5th dimensional energy and information, is to proceed through the 5D Ascension Training in the order they are offered just as you would go from grade to grade in your earths schooling systems without skipping.

The first 3 Sessions of my 5D Ascension Training are Initiations that activate all of your 12 dimensional Lightbodies.  This process is crucial to preparing your physical body for ascension. Those who have been only focusing on spiritual ascension are missing the entire point of ascending the physical which includes your beautiful body. Taking the necessary preparatory actions now will ensure that your ascension experience is not filled with all the unneeded and so called ascension symptoms that people experience in their physical bodies without properly preparing them. Just as you would not send a child out into the world without first preparing them for life, no more should you send your body off into the world of 5th dimensional ascension without first preparing it for the experience and giving it all it needs to succeed.

The great news is no one can fail, flunk or otherwise not pass my 5D ascension training classes for it is only those who are ready, those guided from within that will be guided to show up. Those already experienced at working with energy or already living from fully activated Lightbodies may freely choose which training sessions you feel guided to receive.  ALL others are highly encouraged to proceed in order and must complete the first 3 Initiation Lightbody Activations to proceed on through the series. This is for your highest good beloved one. So my dear one, you simply cannot get it or anything else wrong because you are creating it, guided only by the eternal light force within you and that is your every breath. Until we meet again, may peace love and joy always be with you as AM I." ~ Jesus


Ascension Training Session Details:

  • Each 5D Ascension Training Session with Master Jesus in the 5D Ascension Training Series will be in transcript format and will also include a guided AUDIO meditation available via download to save to your computer to read and participate in the activation via audio for those who prefer audio to reading a meditation. The downloadable transcript/audio will be in a .zip file that contains 3 versions of the transcript to choose from and 1 audio file. Inside the zipped folder you will download include the following 4 types of files... 
  • A text document that is easy to read in any text viewer such as NotePad or WordPad. This file is a MUST READ as it contains your directions, guidance to follow before and after the session and the written version of the meditation/activation. PLEASE READ THIS FIRST if you have chosen to use the text document to read.  Once you have read it through, then you may proceed to do the meditation/activation session either by reading from this document or by listening to the included audio file.
  • A .PDF document you can view from adobe acrobat reader (recommended for best viewing) This file is a MUST READ as it contains your directions, guidance to follow before and after the session and the written version of the meditation/activation. PLEASE READ THIS FIRST if you have chosen to use the .PDF document to read.  Once you have read it through, then you may proceed to do the meditation/activation session either by reading from this document or by listening to the included audio file.
  • As well as your choice to read from a .DOC Microsoft Word document that is viewable in MS Word. This file is a MUST READ as it contains your directions, guidance to follow before and after the session and the written version of the meditation/activation. PLEASE READ THIS FIRST if you have chosen to use this MS Word document to read.  Once you have read it through, then you may proceed to do the meditation/activation session either by reading from this document or by listening to the included audio file.
  • The 5D Ascension Training Sessions are private sessions with Master Jesus that you yourself make time and space to complete as these are very personal sessions that you do in person at your convenience when you can make time and space to do them.  
  • Each transcript will be Energetically Infused with New Divinity Coding embedded into it's core that releases an instant activation the moment you accept to attune with it's energy and partake of it's healing.  The moment you order a 5D Ascension Training Session, you give energetic permission to accept the new coding and the moment you open and connect with it's content, the activation instantly takes place.
  • You will learn how to create a sacred circle you will work from and Call in Master Jesus, your Angels, Guides and others 
  • A channeled meditation from Master Jesus to take you in your Lightbody to the Golden Chamber of Light where Master Jesus awaits you in the 5th Dimension for your training. You have your choice or reading this meditation or listening to it via the included audio file.


How Much Do 5D Ascension Training Sessions Cost?

The Energy Exchange for 5D Ascension Training Sessions are as follows:

The first 3 (three) INITIATION ACTIVATION Sessions to Clear & Activate your 12 Lightbodies are $88.88 Each These first three initiations are for everyone who has not completely activated all 12 of their Multidimensional Lightbodies. If you are not sure, then chances are you have not properly activated them. These first 3 sessions prepare your entire energy matrix which consists of your physical, etheric, astral and causal bodies for the 5D Ascension Training by clearing your energy matrix completely in order to withstand the activation of your 12 Lightbodies with the least amount of physical resistance and much easier integration. 

All Advanced Sessions in the 5D Ascension Training Series will be $122.00 Each (Unless specified otherwise)  The first 3 Initiation Activation Sessions are HIGHLY Recommended before proceeding to the advanced training classes but is not a required prerequisite.

If you are being called from within to experience individual 5D Ascension Training with Master Jesus you may do so by choosing from the available Training Sessions below OR you can choose to order all 3 Initiation Activations in a BUNDLE SET and SAVE MONEY. All 3 Initiation Sessions must be completed in order to fully activate your entire 12 lightbody merkaba.  

These 3 sessions normally cost $266.64 when ordered separately, this bundle set is priced at only:


Click the Paypal button below to order the 3 Lightbody activation session bundle and SAVE!

Clicking the links below will take you to a page to read about that specific training session and order them separately.

5D Ascension Training Sessions Available

5D Ascension Training Session ONE - 5D INITIATION ACTIVATION of First 5 Lightbodies

5D Ascension Training Session TWO - 6D INITIATION ACTIVATION of 6th - 9th Lightbodies

5D Ascension Training Session THREE - 7D INITIATION ACTIVATION of 10th - 12th Lightbodies

5D Ascension Training Session FOUR - Awaken & Activate Your 5D Spiritual Gifts