"Welcome Radiant One to Session ONE of our 5D Ascension Training Series!

beautifuljesusI AM Ascended Master Jesus, your 5D Ascension Training Teacher for this session and all sessions to follow. Much expansion has taken place upon your 3rd Dimension as the light quotient within each being expands and multiplies at unprecedented speeds. Many are finding themselves and those they love, work with and socialize with, changing at such a rapid rate that for some an experience of instant awakening has occurred and wave after wave of shifting and change has left them exhausted, confused and unsure of anything. Questioning themselves and their own Divine guidance.

Many are uncertain of ascension, and experiencing fear of the unknown, of the uncertainty if they will be ready, if their bodies will be ready. If they can somehow get it wrong. For this very reason it is imperative that we first focus on the Activation of your 12 beautiful Light Bodies because my Dear One, when you're clear of karma and your Light Bodies are activated you can then live and express from a place of calm and of peace as the Master that you are ready to be. For in truth, you already are a Master, here to remember your truth, your power and your glorious radiant pure light. Join me on a Journey to the Golden Chamber of Light that I have prepared for you in the 5th Dimension."

In 5D Ascension Training Session ONE you will receive a full cellular matrix clearing that prepares you for the 5th Dimensional  Activation of your 1st - 5th Light Bodies which you receive after the clearing is complete. In the 5th Dimension, you are free of all karmic baggage, ego and death. In order for you to live and exist in the 5th you must be clear. 

This session will clear the energy fields of your physical body and your first 5 Lightbodies, removing all negative debris and recoding your cellular memory in preparation for receiving the activation of Lightbodies 1-5. All of which is in preparation for final ascension. This activation includes the activation of a 5th Dimensional portal within your Sacred Heart Center and a DNA recalibration to reawaken the Spiral of Christ Energy in your Original DNA Blueprint Matrix.

It is a common saying among the people of Earth that one must "Love their way into the 5th Dimension", and by opening your 5th Dimensional Heart that is precisely what occurs. Your 5th Dimensional heart is the portal to the 5th Dimension and beyond, where everything is pure love and light.

* In Session TWO of the 5D Ascension Training Series, we will be traveling to the 6th Dimension where your 6th thru 9th Lightbodies will be activated.

* In Session THREE of the Initiation Activations we will be traveling to the 7th Dimension where your 10th - 12th Avatar Lightbodies will be activated.

On Golden Wings of Divine Love you are honored and protected! ~ Your Brother, Jesus


This session with Master Jesus (and all to follow) in the 5D Ascension Training Series will be offered in BOTH written Transcript and Audio Format and available via download to save, print or listen to at your convenience.

After payment has been made, the downloadable sessions with Master Jesus will be sent to you in a .zip file that contains the following 4 files as listed below.

5D Ascension Training Session ONE Written Transcript - made available in 3 formats:

The written transcript is a MUST READ as it contains your session directions, guidance to follow before and after the session and the written version of the meditation/activation. PLEASE READ THE TRANSCRIPT FIRST before listening to the audio meditation. Once you have read it through, then you may proceed to do the meditation/activation session either by reading it from the document by listening to the included audio file.

You will receive an audio version of the meditation only along with the detailed session and meditation in written transcript in 3 different formats for your convenience.

You only need to read ONE of them as they are all identical other than the formats they are in as shown below:

A - .txt text document that is easy to read in any text viewer such as NotePad or WordPad.

B - .pdf document you can view from adobe acrobat reader (recommended for best viewing)

C - .doc Microsoft Word document that is viewable in MS Word. D - Plus Audio MP3 of the meditation only (will be sent in separate email soon as it's ready 1-2 days)

How Much Does the 5D Ascension Training Session ONE Cost?

The Energy Exchange for 5D Ascension Training Session ONE  in both WRITTEN and AUDIO format is currently $88.88

If you are being called from within to experience individual 5D Ascension Training Session ONE with Master Jesus you may do so by clicking the Paypal button below.

(After payment has been made you will be directed to a special page to immediately download your 5D Ascension Training Session Transcript. You will also receive a Paypal receipt via email of the transaction for your records.)

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