Karmic Clearing is Healing For Your Body, Mind & Spirit!

Many people currently struggle with things like lack and limitations concerning prosperity, abundance and love, karmic imprints, inherited karmic trauma from our parents and ancestors that we each take on during the birth process into this lifetime that greatly affects our current life and holds us back from experiencing our TRUE DIVINE SELVES and embodying our Higher Selves which can leave us feeling stuck and powerless.

self-knowingEach of us have running programs, or scripts that we came into this world programmed to experience, learn from and evolve from. As we prepare our bodies and beings for Ascension, we begin to align with our Souls Divine plan and purpose for being here at this time and as such we become out of alignment with these old outdated contracts, imprints, programs, scripts and experiences that are not in alignment with our divine plan until we start to feel called from within to clear them and bring them to completion so we can move forward and into the fullness of all that being multidimensional means.

Contrary to popular belief and misguided information many teachers are offering, NEGATIVE REACTIONS & EMOTIONS ARE NOT NATURAL!! They are triggered responses to the underlying karmic imprints they are attached to!

When these are cleared, we find that we no longer react to other people's nonsense, can receive clear guidance from our higher selves and live in peace, joy and harmony. Gone are the days of unexpected outbursts, uncontrollable emotions and high flying reactions to the world around us as true divine peace is restored both within and without.

What will you receive in the 15D Karmic Clearing Session?

This KARMIC CLEARING SESSION is one of the highest frequency karmic clearings available on the planet right now and are intensely focused clearing sessions to clear the HIGHEST PRIORITY Karmic Imprints from this life as well as ALL past lives, including those we received at conception that are energetic distortions anchored into your personal grid and DNA template, which every person on earth has such as:

  • Unworthiness
  • Undeservedness
  • Guilt & Shame
  • Victimization
  • Lack - Limitation - Poverty Consciousness
  • Persona Related to the "Shadow Self"
  • Codependency
  • Disempowerment
  • Self Doubt - Self Sabotage - Self Diminishment

In this Karmic Clearing Sessions YaMaEL will also remove the Highest Priority Karmic Imprints related to the following Persona of the Shadow Self. These persona's are the source of self sabotage that so many people experience.:

  • Ultimate Innocent (deep seated repressed hurt or wounding)
  • Professional Victim (poor me)
  • Terrorist (feel continuously embattled or threatened)
  • Martyr (co-dependence, need to heal or fix self and others)
  • Perfectionist (self improvement junkies, forever dissatisfied)
  • Emotional Cannibal (incessant craving for love, acceptance, approval)
  • Compulsive Destroyer ( addiction, compulsiveness, lack self esteem)
  • Obsessive Projectionist (feel  empty, obsessive, unmotivated)
  • Sorcerer (belittling of self and others, self sabotage)
  • Tyrant (feel stagnant, fear, loneliness, self misery)
  • Satyr (big time pleasure seeker, lustful, addictions)
  • Liberator (lack motivation, judgmental, self righteousness)

These Personas are created by the anchoring of various energetic distortions and or reverses frequencies running through your Personal Grid and DNA Template. Persona's cause difficulties in fully realizing and expressing one's full Avatar Identity and Christos potential. Clearing these Karmic Imprints and Persona's that no longer serve you in this 15D Karmic Clearing Session will result in experiencing much more physical, emotional, mental and spiritual freedom.

The 15D KARMIC CLEARING Session below involves clearing the karmic imprints and energies from your energy field and ALL 15 LEVELS OF AWARENESS and replaces them with positive reinforcement, healing energies and illuminated consciousness that is tailored to the unique energy and vibration of your soul at this time.

When these karmic Issues are cleared and transmuted, a person’s life can start to change quite drastically as you will begin to attract new people, places, events, opportunities, possibilities, relationships and the feeling of having a new reality to live in and create from as the powerful master creator that you are, free from the karmic baggage that once weighed you down.

This Karma Clearing Session is embedded with the Highest Frequency Light Codes from the AH Universe for clearing those energies and bringing them to completion in your current life. You will also be given instructions for what to do with any remaining energy that may surface after your session is complete. Your Higher self will guide me to the highest priority issues which are hindering your evolution and cause the greatest fragmentation and suffering in your current life. Polarized contracts are permanently absolved, all contract-generated thought-forms are transmuted, and all related neural nets are unplugged. With these imprints gone you're life will finally change and become much more easy, enjoyable and fulfilling.

At the end of your 15D Karmic Clearing Session YaMaEL will also facilitate the download of New Cords, New Templates, and New Soul Programming from your Higher Self into your DNA Blueprint.

You ARE Ready!
You Have ALWAYS Been Ready & Able! 



If you find that you are experiencing heavy loads of current life karma/blocks/difficulties, it is highly suggested that you begin your clearing quest with the 15D Auric Clearing first, as nearly all current life issues, whether repeated patterns and programs or sickness and poverty, they are quite likely directly related to or stem from uncleared blockages such as occupants, discarnates, portals, wormholes attached to your 15 chakras as well as outdated beliefs and ID's (identities) that are no longer aligned with your Souls' current Divine Plan. The difficulties in our current lives can easily be healed by clearing the baggage carried deep within the 15 chakras, then proceeding to the Karmic Clearing.


The 15D Karmic Clearing Session is Currently Available for:



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In love and oneness I AM,