Christ Consciousness Activation

Includes a Massive Heart Chakra Clearing & Reconnection to the Universal Christ Consciousness Grid to Restore Your Cellular Memory as a Christed Being!

Christ2000 years ago, Jesus walked upon this earth as a living example of Christ Consciousness in action. Jesus never intended to be portrayed as an idol one reveres so highly above themselves that they cannot see that the truth right there within them. Jesus has told us that "The Kingdom of Heaven is Within Us" and the only way into the kingdom of God is thru Christ. Not through the idolization of Jesus but rather through Christ Consciousness and the example of his life.

Christ Consciousness is a state of mind, and it is the goal all Light workers seek to attain on their spiritual journey to Oneness with God. Restoring your Individual Christhood IS the full realization of your Divinity, your Divine Mission and Purpose for being here at this time.

Jesus has made it very clear that one can meditate, pray and help others all day long, but until you go within yourself and remember your truth, take your rightful place AS that truth, as the Christed Being, the son or daughter of God that you are, nothing changes and one is no closer to ascension than they were before. The ONLY way to ascend the physical is by connecting to the Spirit of Christ within you. Christ Consciousness is what Jesus came here to teach us by example, and it is the very essence of what you are here to remember and acknowledge within you, then living as a shining example of that truth, just as Jesus did. Then you can truly speak the words Jesus himself spoke so long ago...

"The Father and I are ONE"

The ONLY way to bring about the manifestation of Heaven on Earth is via mass consciousness. When enough people have raised their vibrations high enough that they are consciously living and co-creating as their Christed Self right there in their bodies, when enough people become living examples, as Jesus the First Christ was and is, only then can Heaven manifest right here on earth. Only then can one achieve true spiritual ascension. Individual Christhood is available to all who choose to master ascending into their own Divinity.

The clarion call has been sounded for all Divine workers of the Light to remember this truth as Jesus gently places it upon your heart, unclouded by doctrine that has long since outlived its deceptions. The time is now to remember that the kingdom of God is; and has always been within you. Re-connecting to Christ Consciousness is the doorway that will lead you home to paradise, right here on earth and experienced right there in your body.

When you are ready to take this very important step on your path to ascension, you will resonate with these words and be guided from within by Jesus and your Higher Self to partake of healing and re-activating the part of your energy field that longs to remember and regain it's own God given Christ Consciousness.

The Christ Consciousness RE-Activation Code is given to your Higher Self through me to re-activate within you. Your Higher Self is doing the actual work. I am simply the one who embodies the code and I facilitate helping you to help yourself through your Higher Self.

This Divinity Code Christ Consciousness RE-Activation Healing Session includes a Complete Heart Chakra Clearing and Restoration that reconnects you to the Universal Christ Consciousness Grid and Restores your Cellular Memory as a Christed Being. 

What Are The Benefits of a Christ Consciousness Energy Activation?

  • RE-Activates Your Original Divine Christhood!
  • Restores The Memory of your Christhood on a Cellular Level!
  • Reconnects You to the Universal Christ Consciousness Grid!
  • Includes a Complete Heart Chakra Clearing and Restoration!
  • Helps You Release All Material Attachments That Hinder Progress!
  • Experience More Inner Peace and Harmony With Others!
  • Experience Increased Inner Joy and Happiness!
  • Restore Your Ability To Go Within and Communicate with Jesus!
  • Sharpens Your Christ Discernment Skills To Know Truth from Naught!
  • The Most Important Step You Can Take On Your Journey To Ascension!

This Very Personal & Individual Christ Consciousness RE-Activation is a 2 part Session and includes a Complete Heart Chakra Clearing and Restoration that RE-Connects you to the Universal Christ Consciousness Grid and Restores your Cellular Memory as a Christed Being. This is VERY POWERFUL, Life Altering Healing Session that WILL have an effect on you! Get ready to EXPERIENCE YOUR CHRISTHOOD! 

How Much Does the Christ Consciousness Activation Cost?

The Energy Exchange for This 2 part Christ Consciousness Re-Activation is currently


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Christ Consciousness Activation

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