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Spiritual Healing With YaMaEL

Energy Healing That Facilitates Enlightenment

Divinity Codes Healing

Welcome to!

I am YaMaEL, an Intuitive Spiritual Healer And Enlightenment Coach. I specialize in Advanced Spiritual Healing Therapies. Master of DNA Activations, High Frequency Chakra Clearing and Regeneration Services. I am the Sole Facilitator of the Divinity Code DNA Activations. I am delighted that you have chosen to follow your inner guidance that led you to these pages and into my heart.
For those of you who do not know me yet, YaMaEL is my Higher Self aspect that I work from. One of my missions is to help you clear your chakras and energy field. To do that, I provide Powerful Sessions called Auric and Karmic Clearings.
My sole purpose is to clear and activate the DNA of humanity. I can help you create the life you've long desired to achieve by helping you remember who you are on a soul level. Because you ARE an Unlimited being of light! My DNA Activations bring you out of Duality and Separation Consciousness. It eliminates beliefs that being human is your only identity. It brings you into the fullness of all that you are as Powerful Beings of Divine Light and Love. Most people refer to this as "Enlightenment".
I have come to earth to assist humanity and the earth herself through the Ascension process. That is my gift to the world as YaMaEL the Golden Dragon Goddess ~ Bringer of light and love.  I am otherwise known on this earth plane as Dorene, my birth name.

"The most enlightening experience we can have is to find God.
It is not something out of our reach
It is the very purpose for which we were born"


The following information will help you work your way through this website. To find the enlightenment you desire and are guided to receive I offer services such as...
  • Spiritual Energy Work
  • Advanced Chakra & Energy Field Clearing
  • Advanced Karmic Clearings
  • DNA Activations
If you need any help please use the CONTACT US page to contact me via email. I am honored to assist!

What Is Spiritual Healing? 

Spiritual Healing is a modality that facilitates healing using quantum energy practices. As you may know, everything in existence is a form of energy from a smallest pebble to the largest mountain. Science has proven that energy can expand and upgrade to achieve the results one is seeking.
My services include Spiritual Healing that improve lives, health, and finances. I can help you create YOUR Best Life! Spiritual healing is not about religion. It's about healing the mind, body and spirit/soul as a whole. Clearing out anything standing in your way of creating the life you desire and DESERVE!

What Is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is a state of being. It develops as you begin to recognize yourself as a being of light, an aspect of the Divine, not separate from it. Those who become enlightened begin to understand that they are much more than a human being. They recognize themselves as an Unlimited Spiritual Being having a human experience. They begin to remember that they are not broken and do not need fixing! That become grounded in the knowing that they ARE the co-creators of their existence. 

What Are The Divinity Codes?

"DIVINITY CODES" are the Original Sacred Codes (blueprints) of all Humanity. Created by God and guided by the Divine Mother. As you may know, the Divine Feminine of all creation took leave of Planet Earth long ago. It is time for her and all mankind to re-awaken. To re-activate their Dormant Codes of Divinity by receiving these Divine Enlightenment Sessions. All healing you may receive comes from the Divine.
As an intuitive Spiritual Healer, YaMaEL is a Divine vessel for assisting others. Her Remote Energy Healing Transmissions offered in service to humanity. YaMaEL came to Earth with the specific purpose of anchoring Divine Feminine Energy. Grounding it to the center core of the Christ Consciousness Grid System for humanity. This is part of the re-merging of the Godhead (both aspects of God). This first occurred in 2007 and is now complete. Thanks to the joint efforts of countless Lightworkers, Ascended Masters, Angels and Guides.
It is time to RE-Awaken the Divine Mother on Planet Earth. To RE-Activate the Original Divine Blueprints of humanity. To ground them into the center of our hearts and that of our beloved Gaia.
It is YaMaEL's sole mission to help re-activate the DNA in all who are ready and guided to receive it. Doing so with ease, grace and harmony so that each seeker of enlightenment may find it.  The sessions offered on this website will help you re-awaken your True Divine Self.
For more information on YaMaEL's mission, please refer to the "MISSION" page. Found in the blue links at the top of this page.

How Is DNA Activation & Distance Healing Possible?

I have embodied the full genetic coding of the Divine Feminine since I was born here on Earth. This Sacred Coding enables me to reactivate the DNA and Divinity Codes in others. All Sessions are Divinely Guided by Universal Consciousness (God, Prime Creator).
I offer Powerful Remote Healing Sessions, Chakra Clearing and DNA Activations. Since time and space are not real in the oneness from which I work, remote sessions are very powerful. I am called into service for those seeking to activate their own Original Divinity Codes. And for those seeking RE-connection with their own resident God Selves.

All you have to do is ASK THE UNIVERSE!

This gives me permission to facilitate Spiritual Healing and DNA Activations for you. Using the Divine Genetic Coding within me. It's that simple. Those who are ready will instinctively know, and feel guided to make the connection. Now is always the perfect time for your highest Good! It is no coincidence that you ended up right here reading this now and resonating with the content!



YaMaEL also utilizes her divine gifts to help others with:
* Chakra Clearing: This Clearing involves opening, clearing and activating the 7 main Chakras. The 15D Auric Clearing includes the complete 7 chakra Clearing. Plus the clearing and activation of your 8 higher 15D Morphogenetic Chakras. Plus Clearing all attachments and entitites.
* 15D Karmic Clearing: This powerful session clears your Soul of all negative karmic imprints. This includes debris, vows, patterns and inherited karma that no longer serves you. Miraculous healings can and do occur when the karmic debris of your soul heals.
* 15D J-Seal Clearing: J-Seals, also known as death seals, keep you stuck in 3D consciousness. This session clears all Unnatural Seals, Implants and Tags. This allows your DNA to upgrade and ascend as it was originally intended.
YaMaEL's 15D Clearing Sessions are the highest vibrational DNA Activation & Clearing sessions available.
Please understand that I am not "DOING" the healing, You and your God Self are! Follow your inner guidance to the Perfect Sessions for you. Trust Your Inner Guidance! You would not be here if you were not ready and guided from within. It is time to TAKE BACK YOUR POWER!


Finding exactly what you need is quite easy to do. My first suggestion is to invite your Higher Self to lead the way. Allow your guidance to take you to exactly what you need for your greatest and highest good.
There are 2 main sections of this website for you to explore as your Higher Self leads the way.
MAIN MENU: At the TOP of all pages of this website you will find a menu bar. These lead to features such as Contact, Testimonials, and a Free Guided Meditation.
SESSION MENUS: Down the RIGHT SIDE of all pages, you will find 2 main category menus. Self-Healing Sessions and the Remote Healing Session Menu.

1)REMOTE HEALING SESSIONS: These Sessions are remote, (at a distance) and guided by your Higher Self. YaMaEL connects to your Higher Self and the Divine to facilitate DNA Activations and Powerful Energy Medicine. These Remote Sessions do not need you to be physically or consciously present to receive them. There are occasions when YaMaEL is guided to give you instructions before, or immediately after your session. You will be given all the time you need should this occur. Remember, these Activations are guided by YOUR Higher Self and will only happen in a time and space that is for your highest good!

2) SELF HEALING SESSIONS: All of the Sessions offered in the Self Healing Session Menu are Self Empowering Sessions that you take an active participation in. 



* Choose the Sessions that you feel guided to receive from the CATEGORY MENU'S on the right side of this page. You will find details of each Session available, with a Paypal link to order each Session or item.
* In the Paypal comment section on the checkout page, be sure to include any special notes or comments. Please include your full name if different from the name on the Paypal account you are using. My Paypal shopping cart can accept credit cards even if you do not have a Paypal account. You can choose which option you prefer on the checkout page.
If you desire to buy more than one Session, place the first item in the shopping cart. From the Paypal order page click CONTINUE SHOPPING and you will be taken back to my site to add more items to your cart. When you have placed all desired items in your cart, then click CHECKOUT to complete your order.
* You will receive an email from Paypal confirming your payment to Dzine City Enterprises Inc.
* Once your payment is received, You will receive an email at your Paypal email address from YaMaEL. You will be given the scheduled date of your session. You will also receive full details about the session/s you ordered.
* If you are given instructions to prepare for your session, PLEASE make time to follow them.
* Once your session is complete, you will receive another email from YaMaEL. This is the final report with full details about your session along with any guidance or directions I may have received in your behalf.
* Time for integration after your sessions with YaMa'EL is important! As well as drinking plenty of fresh pure water before and after your sessions.



I accept the following forms of payment only:

* Paypal  (paypal account required)

* Credit Card  (via Paypal Cart - No paypal account needed)

* Western Union (see contact page for mailing address)

* Cash (not advised though I do accept it as a last resort)

* Money Orders (see contact page for mailing address)


I, YaMaEL, am honored and humbled beyond words to offer these Sessions to you for the Highest Good of all creation!!

* More New Sessions will be available soon so be sure you are subscribed to receive my DivinityCode Alerts Newsletter!

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You are loved beyond all earthly measure and cherished even more!
Espavo To You Beloved ONE!

In Love and Oneness I AM,
YaMaEL Ree'Na ~ honored to be of service hearts_1