J Seal Removal And Clearing Session

J Seal RemovalThe Jehovian Seals or J-Seals were energetically and maliciously placed by the Jehovian Anunnaki on the Earth at Axiatonal Line 7 as distortions in the Earth's Energy Grid System. Since earth and our energetic anatomies are identical, we inherit anything that happens to the earth at the time of conception. When we do a J Seal Removal Session, our energetic anatomy is directly connected to the earth so when we clear ourselves, we also clear that area of the earth. Every human on earth has these seals until they are cleared.

J Seals are located on the left side of the body and when in place, they cause much pain and suffering in those regions of the body until they are removed.  These unnatural seals block the activation of the 4th DNA strand, which is why the DNA stops activating past the 3rd strand. This keeps us locked into 3rd dimensional consciousness and typically manifests as physical, mental and emotional dis-ease, especially in the regions where these seals are located on the left side of the body.

As the image on the right side of the page illustrates, the 7 J Seals are located on the body as follows:

  • J Seal RemovalJ-1 - Top of skull on left side

  • J-2 - Heart, left lung, back of left knee

  • J-3 - Pineal gland

  • J-4 - Left side of neck and Lymphatics

  • J-5 - Rear left thigh and buttocks

  • J-6 - Alta major (where skull rests atop spine), hypothalamus, and left shoulder

  • J-7 - Aorta artery on left side of neck

These unnatural J-Seals BLOCK higher dimensional frequencies coming into the body and greatly inhibits the expansion of our consciousness. While present in the physical body, our ego mind remains locked in 3rd dimensional frequencies and limited to those frequencies until J Seal Removal is completed.


J Seal Removal is an integral part of clearing and preparing the physical body for Ascension during this current ascension cycle, as well as enabling the ability to fully embody our Higher Selves.   


J Seals are not the only Unnatural Seals that hold us back from evolving at an accelerated pace. In this J Seal Removal DNA Activation Session, YaMaEL will clear and remove ALL of the following Unnatural Seals and Implanted Tags:

  • 7 J Seals (Jehovian Seals) PLUS...

  • All embodied Death seal implants (6-6-6 Death Seals) 

  • The Metatronic Implants,

  • The Templar Seals,

  • The Templar Axiom Seals,

  • The Avalon Seal,

  • The Zeta Seal,

  • The Tower of Babel Seals

  • The Crown of Thorns

  • Seal of Amenti

  • Seal of Palaidor

  • Mayan Seals

  • Starseed Confusion Veil Seals 

  • Lightworker/Darkworker Veil Seals


Additional Unnatural Implanted Tags that will be removed:

  • Atlantean Tags
  • Archonic Tags
  • Astral Tags
  • Drakonian Tags
  • Egyptian Tags
  • Lemurian Tags
  • Plasma Tags

ALL of these Unnatural Seals and Implanted Tags will be removed in ONE high frequency healing session with YaMaEL.  This is an extremely powerful session that will have a huge affect on you. Things like the spontaneous healing of recurrent pain in the head, neck or left knee that often come automatically when these death seals are removed properly from all dimensional aspects of your being. J Seals manifest physical death and are the reason our bodies only live to be 70-80 years of age versus the 900 or so years people lived in bible times. Immortality cannot be achieved when the death seals are in place and are humanity's biggest handicap. Science says it is "normal" to age as polymers shrink. That is not the truth and aging is NOT NORMAL. We as Divine Beings of Light and Love were never created or intended to "age".

Another important piece of information is that this J Seal Removal Session clears ALL 15 CHAKRAS FROM ALL 15 LEVELS OF AWARENESS! Many J-Seal Removals being offered on the internet are NOT complete and do not fully clear these blockages because they do not clear them from all 15 dimensions as the Sacred Codes and Commands from the AHU Universe do. This is one of the most complete and Highest Frequency Clearings available on the planet right now.

Even ascension is based on your frequency and your DNA Activation level. Ascension does not happen naturally contrary to many New Agers who state otherwise without the full understanding of this serious phenomenon. Removing J-Seals and all other unnatural seals is the most important thing we can each do for ourselves and earth, which in turn helps all of humanity for as we heal and evolve as does everything else because we are all ONE.


It is highly suggested that prior to receiving the clearing of J Seals and other Unnatural Seals, one has completed a 15D Auric Clearing and a 15D Karmic Clearing to clear your energy field of all Occupants, Discarnates, Portals, Wormholes, and all Karmic Imprints and Debris that is present in your energy field and 15 chakras before partaking of the J Seal Removal Session or DNA Activation sessions for the best possible results and outcome.

How Much Does a 2 hour J Seal Removal and Unnatural Implant Clearing Cost?


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