Life Force Energy Healing DNA Activation

NEW Phenomenal Coding Upgrades Your DNA and Allows You To Anchor And Hold More Life Force Energy Within Your Body Than Ever Before Possible!

ani12dnaLife Force Energy
is just what the name implies. It is the energy from Source that animates and gives life to a physical body. Without it, all of creation would cease to exist. Therefore, all of God's creatures are connected to and receive this Life Force Energy via their Lifelines. Likened to the umbilical cord of a fetus that supplies nourishment and life while in the womb, you have a spiritual umbilical cord that keeps you connected to Source and the vital Life Force Energy you need to sustain your life and existence. At this time, our physical bodies are being recalibrated to handle greater and greater amounts of Light. Yet on it's own, the influx of Light the physical body can hold is limited by our current DNA structure.

This New Life Force Energy Coding has never been available before this time. According to the Hosts of Heaven, humanity was not ready until now to handle a massive Life Force Energy adjustment as great as this. The increase is due to the many beings of Light upon this planet seeking to hold greater amounts of Light within their beings as they take up their rightful places as Christed Beings, the Sons and Daughters of God. As a result, the Creative Development of this Light Force Energy Coding, a DNA Rewiring that activates your Original DNA Blueprint is now available to all of humanity! This DNA Activation you will be receiving is specifically encoded to enable you to anchor and hold much larger volumes of Life Force Energy in your physical body than was currently possible until now. This will allow you to hold and maintain a larger influx of Light on a continuous basis in your everyday life. 

What Are The Benefits of This Energetic Activation?

  • RE-Activates Your Ability To Hold More Life Force Energy!
  • Rewires Your DNA Blueprint and Upgrades Your DNA!
  • Anchor and Hold More Light Than Ever Before Possible!
  • Achieve Greater Spiritual Enlightenment & Connection To Source!
  • Increased Light Means Increased Inner Gifts & Talents!
  • Increased Life Force Means More Vigor, Stamina & Energy!

** NOTE:The Life Force Energy DNA Code Rewiring Session is a VERY POWERFUL, Life Altering Healing Session that WILL have an effect on you! It is for this reason that the Hosts of Heaven highly SUGGEST that anyone who is new to energy work and considering this activation to have first completed the Humanity Code Activation that includes a Universal Consciousness RE-Attunement before attempting this activation. The Humanity Code Activation will prepare your physical and energy body for the new Life Force Energy Coding and resultant influx of Light you will receive.

Those who have not reactivated their Humanity Code yet but have been working on their spiritual path for some time will have no problem with this activation. The Humanity Code reactivation is not needed in order to partake of this one, it is simply suggested for those who are new to energy work to better prepare their bodies for more Light. What is required is trusting your Higher Self's guidance as to what order you should complete each of the Divinity Code Activations for your highest good.

How Much Does the Life Force Energy Activation Cost?

The Energy Exchange for The Life Force Energy Activation is currently


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Life Force Energy Healing Activation

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