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Divinity Codes Testimonials

We will definitely get more healing in a couple of weeks. Oh, and I KNOW that you are the BEST HEALER in the world, because I am going through tons of stress and the "old physical symptoms" are not appearing at all! BRAVO GODDESS!!!!!

I.S California July 8, 2016

Thank you so much for the healing!  I really appreciate all the time and effort you have put into the high dimensional healing you offer! As a healer -- out of all of the healers I have worked with -- you are the most professional, and even the most powerful! Thank you for helping Lightworkers and Starseeds heal, so we can all raise the vibration on the planet together. Rock on!

J'Tariah California June 17, 2016

Hi YaMaEl, the Blue Star Activation Session was amazing! I could feel warmth as it was clearing & building. Then felt drawn in/transported somewhere else. I FELT part of this beautiful powerful love that I have not experienced this powerfully and all encompassing before. Sooo amazing you wish you could stay there forever! I am still feeling warm energy flows & surges mainly on the left side, a day later! My frequency was really high at the end, got very tired and felt well cooked! Will be interesting to see how this plays out in the real world, in the coming days & weeks. My deepest thanks YaMaEL

Deb Australia May 4, 2016

Thank you for holding my hand... a lot of dramas surfacing but this time after [15D j seal clearing] I am much stronger! It is like I am falling into the darkness. So painful of my drama.. very hurtful.. chaotic.. your session stirs things up to the surface. All sessions with you have big cumulative effects on me~! I am happy to share experience with you and I appreciate your patience to hear my stories and support me! Now time again to walk on my path alone.. I was always viewing each session from you as my guiding light and treasure in the dark night, helping me smoothing my path and journey during these days. I was counting the days for our session appointment coming, because each email and its clearing energies are so wonderful to read and feel. Thank you for your companion with me for a month! What an experience! I am even feeling like something-- helping and warm hand. now I am growing again! It is you YaMaEL that pushes me forward to step on my Spiritual Path! Thank you very much! I indeed feel tired and craves lots of water, many dramas and old pains are surfacing now to let go in life.

Meng China April 29, 2016

Your [15D Karmic clearing and Auric clearings] are very powerful! Immediately after Karmic clearing. I feel much lightness! And almost my obvious karmic patterns are gone. The dramas and patterns may resurface again and again.. sometimes I lost faith in the effectiveness almost.. but the truth is it Works! it needs patience and courage to release everything. I forgot this, I was a bit anxious and rush. but the integration process cannot be rushed. The karmic ties, patterns and imprints are releasing.. my shadow personas which I am aware of are gone. very powerful sessions that can clean so much in an hour!. With your help and my many many months of transformations, I FINALLY got the divine guidance: I AM FREE NOW mantra! wow! you facilitate a lot so I could be free! so when the dramas happen after the sessions, it truly means it works not the opposite! only darkness be emptied out the light can shine. It is wonderful to be cleansed deeply in the sessions.

Meng China April 22, 2016

Thank you YaMaEL, for this wonderful [Inner Child Healing] session. You always honor God Self and its decision and put our interest first. When I connect with the session, my heart bursts out much energies of pains for releasing. My throat chakra was healed as well so I could speak my truth more clearly. The effect was seen in an instant after the session, and get grounded days later. I am very touched by what Master Yeshua said in the session. YaMaEL also patiently answers my questions and provides support when needed. My energy feels stronger. Thank you so much for the comprehensive cleansing work done on me. I ordered [15D Auric Clearing ] and [15D Karmic Clearing] as well as guided by my Higher Self. Again, she honors GOD'S Will and is willing to provide extra support as guided for the sessions. I am looking forward to these healing sessions. See you soon 🙂

Meng China April 8, 2016

Hi YaMaEl, I always have 'help' during my healing sessions, but it just 'more' now. I also have a greater awareness of energy moving- both thru me and around others. I always feel energy, but now it greater intensity. Actually, I am able to look at others and 'know' where their energy is stuck. Much Love

NW Pennsylvania Testimonial from happy customers who have experienced YaMaELs sessions. January 23, 2016

Hello YaMaEL, I finally got to read your email report about 12:20 yesterday and as soon as I connected with it I felt lots and lots of energy moving. Afterward, I sat down to assimilate and wow! Very intense energy, and I was very spacey, and almost but not quite disconnected. At one point I knew I was outside of myself watching myself experiencing this shift. I felt every bit of energy shifting! WHEW!! Thanks so much for offering this.

Emily Washington January 14, 2016

Huge inner changes are happening, I think you can feel them if you scan my energy field right now. I'm building huge conscious and subconscious positive energetic momentum that's pulling me forward into the future building my dream life and lifestyle right now... Very powerful cumulative energetic momentum day by day...

Noah Idaho December 14, 2015

Hello YaMaEL. Some good updates: My thinking has changed and my reactions are changing as well. I am more calm, at peace, and positive and optimistic. A couple of days ago, I also made an extremely unwavering powerful conscious choice and intention to be unconditionally positive no matter what. I am shifting at a deep level, subtle, but certain. I am infinitely free now and forever. Thanks

Noah Idaho December 8, 2015

Hello YaMa'EL! The [5D Grounding] is FANTASTIC! Everything is more beautiful, the colors are much more intensive, I mean wow was the grass that beautiful green all the time before? Yesterday I spend time in nature after reading the guidance, and everything was so much more beautiful than how I saw it before, AMAZING. And I was on the same spot where I went many times before. When I talk to and meet people, it's very different... I feel more connected to them in a way 3d people can connect, but also with the spiritualism I had before the session. Also I feel that they are more impressed by me, it feels I have more charisma, I can express myself better. I'm more happier too after the session, I feel it's much more me walking the earth 🙂 So I just ordered the [Prosperity codes!] YAY When I feel it's the right time I will also order the [5D ascension training] session for spiritual gifts. Very special what the [Prosperity Session] did with me. I've read so much about the law of attraction, and you summarized all of the most important stuff in one e-mail LOL I'm much happier too after the session, I feel it's much more ME walking the earth 🙂 I'm on a very happy level now, this is SO much fun. Thank you so much again!

Nick Netherlands November 16, 2015

Hello YaMa'EL, This all started with the [Compassion and forgiveness] session, I started to notice how I felt nothing for people who would normally anger me or cause frustration. I could see them doing and been their usual self's towards me and I just observed them with no negative emotion. This is still happening all around me I just observe I have no negative emotion, mind you I feel I still need to work on more things to fully let go and truly forgive. With the last session, [Self Healing Power] I felt strange sensations and lots of energy surging thru my body. The one thing that was really profound was when I was reading your report. I got to the part where you told me what Jesus did and said, I instantly started to cry when I read that he loves me, even now I feel something in me. I don't know what happened, I just nearly collapsed from the emotion and had to put my head down on the desk. It was very profound and moving for me.

Oscar Canada November 6, 2015

Hi YaMa'EL, Thank you so much for another wonderful session last week. [15D Auric Clearing] Wow! Grounding the higher chakras made a significant difference in my energy systems and my life. Much Joy.

MI US August 4, 2015

Hi YaMaEL, I wanted to thank you for this very detailed [7 chakra] realignment session. It was a little difficult for me to accept a few things, but everything made perfect sense. I'm so grateful for your love and energy. I feel much more at peace and honestly feel like a different person. I am much more peaceful in my heart and soul and am becoming more interested in exploring my spiritual/psychic side. I am also much more confident and emotionally stronger than I've ever been, even though I'm in the middle of a complicated time in my life. Thank you again!

Anne New Orleans July 23, 2015

Hello dear YaMaEL, Thank you from all of my heart for a such a beautiful and powerful session what really felt as you there here in same room with me! The [Karmic clearing session] has had such a powerful affect on me straight from the time i claimed it. My left shoulder is really free now and don't have any closed feelings. This is amazing !! I'm going around moving my shoulders 😀 happiness 🙂 I love me 🙂 I love you and your work! It is hard to put all words in line here to express my gratitude, it would take ages to tell all the major changes what i have 🙂 You who read it now : yes it's time:) yes she's amazing ! You will be happy to know her and her work!! Lot of love and light, Helen

Helen Finland April 16, 2015

Dear YaMaEL, Thank you so so so much for your wonderful auric clearing session! It's wondrous how much lighter and more at peace I feel after clearing all that you cleared for me. Truly thank you! 🙂 Hope life's treating you amazingly! Much love and gratitude,

N.A. England April 15, 2015

My eight year old daughter is autistic. She was diagnosed with autism [mild to moderate] at age four. Over the years I have faced so many trials as a mother, and I felt that my daughter and I were growing further apart. My daughter would have sleepless nights, or disturbed nights. She would have meltdowns. We seemed to be at war everyday because everything was a battle. Her speech was minimal so we had no conversation. I was desperate for a solution, or some way to put some order and peace in our lives. I tried everything out there via medication, diet and behaviour modification and nothing gave any significant or long term results. YaMaELs Regeneration Healing work with my daughter was nothing short of incredible. It has been almost one week and my daughter is happier, calmer and very emotionally stable. Ever since I put the codes under her pillow, she has slept well every night throughout the night without any sleep aid. There are no meltdowns and no battles. I feel so close to my daughter and I know she feels the same way. It's so wonderful to have a loving relationship with her now. Her teachers at school have also noticed that she herself is trying harder to improve in her work and behaviour. As for her speech, it is emerging spontaneously and she is even singing! Sounds miraculous? it's true. Thank you YaMaEL for your divine work and for taking the time to communicate with me. Thank you for your advice, your support, your unconditional love. I have never felt so close to someone I have never met. You are truly a beautiful goddess. May God bless you.

Holly Sweeden March 10, 2015

WOW, YaMaEL! That is truly the most amazing and with loving intent anyone has ever told me/given to me in this entire life. The Spiritual Hygiene suggestions are truly divine and so high frequent. I know I will manage to use it because I´ve done the least amount necessary groundwork to understand it, so that I´m not a throwing-ball between the polarities anymore. The answers you provided regarding the chakras, tears in the field and mental body training makes perfect sense. And the effect of your clearings is taking me through the roof, while I'm still perfectly grounded. What can I say now, I am forever grateful in tears of love and joy for the divine service and perfection that you show me! I truly love you YaMaEL

I.U. Norway February 12, 2015

Hello beloved YaMaEL, I thank you from all of my heart !! I had almost month ago my 15D auric clearing session. Session was so powerful and also i had lot of letting go work to do after 🙂 YaMaEL never leaves you to feel alone, she's most loving and supportive light worker i have seen in my life!! Everything she tell about her sessions is true! But... If you are ready then you are 🙂 Its my 29th day and i have everyday bigger or smaller energy transmissions 🙂 so powerful is this clearing and it gives you kick into ass to grow even more . Difference is that you are free and have much room for a new and interesting to discover! I have huge smile on my face and everywhere i go i smile 🙂 I'm just happy all the times even if its hard day 🙂 Also i feel that i have so much energy inside me and my hands! Actually i could stay here to write about all that love what i have received from this session with YaMAEL, probably for hours 🙂 Thank you from all of my heart!! Im grateful that i met her!! She is real goddess and i am so proud to call her my friend !! love and light & Bunch of hugs 🙂 With love, Helen

Helen Finland January 19, 2015

Hello beloved YaMaEl, Thank you so much for your assistance in my journey to oneness 🙂 My [Blue star attunement] was amazing, full of love and support. I used it in same night as there was need and Wow thats amazing lovingly powerful. My daughter still asks me : do you give me sleeping pills secretly ? 🙂 she sleeps so good and on Right Time! It is still growing stronger 🙂 thank you so much! Love and light, Helen

Helen Finland January 8, 2015

Hello YaMa'EL, I want to let you know that after your help last time, I felt the restriction in my throat dissipate while you were helping me, [Personal Power Session] and I gave it time to heal after the session. I communicate more freely now. thank you very much. My spiritual voyage has been life transforming to me, and it has only gotten better with your help. For this I Thank You in the best way I can.

Danny USA September 26, 2014

Hello YaMa'EL, Thank-you for the previous Divine [Self Healing Activation]. I have slowly noticed a difference in myself as a whole. I feel I'm becoming more focused, more grounded and I am more in tune with my personal power and more able to command change with my inner & outer world (perception of who I am) going deeper & deeper within for my truth as an individual with purpose & presence. I am looking forward to the 15D Auric Clearing Session. Thank-you so much for your help & support, Many many thanks!  

Wayne US August 20, 2014

Hello YaMa'EL, Simply put... thank you... I just don't have words to express my gratitude and love for you and Yeshua right now... I completed the [5D Ascension Training] Sessions and am ... words are simply insignificant.  I'm going to go take a nap and just continue to let what's flowing dig its roots deeper and deeper within me. Peace be with you.

Jay Illinois August 11, 2014

Hello again YaMaEL, I used the blue star energy for healing purposes last night and it was amazing. I slowly started to be more and more conscious, it was as if I had awoken from a deep sleep. I have defiantly taken your activations for granted, thanks for everything.

A.T. Arizona July 25, 2014

Hi Yamael, I have completed my part of the session. this has been HUGE, so huge I'm sure you probably felt it as well. The intensity of this session shows me that I made the right decision to remove from these areas of my being what no longer served my highest good. I knew something huge was happening because this end I was getting signs and symbols in huge ways, incredible! I feel amazing thank you so much for connecting and offering me this, bless you! I just knew when I found your site several months ago that there would be a time we would connect and this was truly profound. Thank you again. ~ Namaste 🙂

Jessie Australia July 11, 2014

WOW WOW WOW WOW, what you picked up in the [Sacred Space Clearing Session] was absolutely spot on. I need to let you know that I am relieved, pleased and most grateful and blessed that you could clear this. It has been toxic for a year now or more and I could not understand why. Never makes sense when you start a business and in 4 months it flourishes and suddenly DEAD STILL. I thank you for this sincerely. I also feel a peaceful cleanliness in my home, and when I walk outside the property also feels absolutely fantastic. GOD BLESS YOU

CC South Africa July 11, 2014

YaMaEL, Each time I get assistance from you, I feel cleansed beyond where I have ever been. This particular session (15D Auric Clearing) has resulted in an extremely clear mind, one without negative thought. I have noticed that when one rises, it is much easier to release than many. I do this by looking at myself from outside of self, then switching to nothingness or to something I want. I realize more and more that my thoughts turn into beliefs and beliefs create my circumstances, so I must manage my thoughts. It is like after this session, I was given a clear mind, and I could choose what to put in it, really a clean slate or new lease on life etc. So now I only focus on what I want and as Jesus said turn the other cheek on the things I do not want. Each session I have with you pushes me further into transformation, resulting in what I believe is my inner desires in life. Regarding contrast (things that I don’t like), what used to be a small bump seems like a large rock, I believe this is a good sign of awakening to larger awareness. Although it is difficult sometimes, when I get past it, I see that it is just something manifesting itself to leave my experience. You cannot destroy energy, only allow it to move, what you resist persists said Carl Jung, this is very true but sometimes difficult to explain, so I just leave it as an understanding. I am extremely thankful for the joyous expansion of understanding of life, but I am most thankful and grateful for you YaMaEL, you deliver clearing sessions that give me results that change my life!!

D.A. Texas June 28, 2014

Wow YaMaEL, I can tell these new energies you are working and healing with are what I needed. The old way of healing with REIKI etc. is outdated . As I`m a big believer in going forward, modernised, developing things and not be trapped in the past or in the same place, these energies from AH Universe are for me like a fresh wind!!

Gabe UK May 6, 2014

Dear YaMa El, Many thanks for your wonderful session.I find a greater sense of peace and tranquility within me. I feel so much more connected to my higher self. The problems of life seem much easier to deal with. The report has inspired me to empower myself much more here on earth and to carry out the work I came here to do. I look forward to my next session with you. I thank you once again for the beautiful gifts you share with mankind. Love and Light

Brendan Ireland October 17, 2013

Good morning, YaMa’El, [Blue star energy] is awesome – I’m running it on everything – meditation, distance healing, just seeing and hearing. Hearing especially seems to be refreshed. It’s as if all my life I had been mining black coal, and all of a sudden there’s this vein of gold. Fresh, fresh energy and a very strong positive feeling. All blessings on you, Beneficent One! You'll be hearing from me soon about [self-healing attunement].

James Turkey September 17, 2013

YaMaEL takes energy to the next level. She has the ability to read and heal others from a distance. When she worked with me, I could tell her what time she did it. This is very magical and mystical, but it was exactly what I needed at the time!

Danny Texas August 14, 2013

I am so grateful for this wonderful activations and gifts from Spirit! They are helping me tremendously + validating my life path! Thank you!

Jenny Ohio July 19, 2013

My dear YaMa'EL, Woooow, amazing.. It is 11pm and I am still vibrating, I finished the reconnection exercise many hours ago, and I 'am still throbbing, tingling and vibrating inside out. These feelings are so wonderful, having the inner feeling of Love, strength,energy Lightness............etc. woow, I can't put words on these..... however, I want to thank you so much for your Love and your wonderful work of [Higher Self reconnection and activation], for making this possible and thank you for who you are. I 'll talk to you later Love always to you Michael

Machael Canada November 15, 2012

Hello Dear YaMa'EL, Before the Sessions, even at the moment I was ordering them, I started to feel heat in my Heart Chakra. This experience was following me during all these days many times for several minutes or longer. It renews when I start to read your letter, go for pray or meditation, or sometimes it appears without any connection to my spiritual activities. Thank you once again!

G.J. Lithuania May 11, 2012

The day before and the day of, when I was supposed to get the [Humanity Code], I was feeling so good. I was smiling the entire day. I felt as if, I was floating, I was admiring all the beautiful things as I was taking my normal walk outside. During the Activation I could feel a cool breeze approach me and tingling on my face and on the top of my head. It was a great experience. Thank you again YaMaEL!

C.P. New Jersey January 12, 2012

The [Karma clearing] was such an emotional thing for me. The day I was going to get my session done I was feeling so much alive. I haven’t felt this way in many, many years, since I was a kid. I tried to go through every bit of drama I had ever experience in my life. I wrote them down but had no urge to re-look them over. I did not want to revisit them. I do feel a lot lighter, and more confident about myself. Thank you so much YaMaEL!

C.P. New Jersey January 12, 2012

I want to thank you so much for helping me; I got the [Parental Recoding Activation]. The day I got the reactivation I slept the entire day until it was time to pick up my son from school. He ran to me and gave me the biggest hug ever. He almost knocked me over, that’s how hard he hugged me. Ever since the session, I have been so much more loving and patient with the kids as well as the kids have been the same with me. There seems to be an understanding for each other now. They have been listening more and I get lots of hugs and kisses. I am so glad I decided to take this re-activation. Thank you so much YaMaEL!

C.P. New Jersey January 12, 2012

I am so grateful to the Universe, Father God and Mother God and All-That-Is Divine for guiding me to you! After the [15 chakra auric clearing session], (the process was difficult to the point that it 'seemingly' temporarily crippled every aspect of the 'me' that I had been carrying for over 51 years!) I have been doing everything you suggested in the report you provided, and it is now as if I have walked through a profoundly marvelous door that I am learning to shut forever...just have to learn to sustain it. Today at 12:12, (it is Dec. 12) I was aware of the new and beautiful energies coming on this day. For over two years now, the Archangels and Higher Guides have been downloading to me how to do the chakra connections without me understanding this I understand that they have been preparing me to line up and be ready for this healing, and to receive! I understand that there will be more downloads, more upgrades, more letting go...but can not fully express at this time what has happened inside of me at this point, other than the knowing of true JOY! Bright Blessings Always! With Awesome Gratitude of Your Amazing Grace and Light,

Donna Virginia December 9, 2011

The last days since the [higher self reconnection session] I felt quite tired, at least my body felt very tired, also I noticed an energetic change around my head which caused a bit of a slight headache. When I started the process like repeating also the Calls, I noticed immediately how my own energy became much purer and clean, I also noticed that the room where I was sitting was becoming brighter and lighter. During the mediation my body was filled with high vibrational energies. It didn't take long, it just took some seconds. The vibration of my body, aura changes and became much higher. It was really like a strong current and again I felt how all energy were purified. My consciousness moved automatically to my heart, my mind was still. I felt the energy flowing through all my body, also arms and legs and feet. I feel some blocks have also been removed around my head chakras. Also the energy of the spine was upgraded. When I finished the process again I noticed that the room where I was sitting has become all pure and light. Thank you again Blessings & Love,

Lorenz Switzerland November 10, 2011

Hi YaMa'EL, Thank you! I've been feeling a powerful charge through the chakras in my feet all day. It's felt great and I don't feel tired today like I have been.

Karri Arizona October 11, 2011

This (Inner Child Session for Sexual Abuse) has been HUGE so huge I'm sure you probably felt it as well. The intensity of this session shows me that I made the right decision to remove from these areas of my being what no longer served my highest good. I knew something huge was happening because this end I was getting signs and symbols in huge ways! Incredible! Thank you ever so much I am truly grateful what an amazing gift! I feel amazing thank you so much for connecting and offering me this, bless you YaMaEL!

JC Australia August 25, 2011

Greetings! Thank you so much for the "Humanity Code" session. I was laying in bed and there was an obvious wonderful presence with me. Then it felt like a lot of twirling, pulling, and gentle tugging between my heart chakra and solar plexus. I feel much lighter and at peace! For years I have had dreams of myself at my childhood home. But now for the first time I dreamt that I moved into a new fabulous home. I took a tour of the lovely home and was delighted each time I discovered a new room through secret passages. This dream signifies moving into new spiritual awareness and discovering new parts of the subconscious mind:) Now I will order the "Higher Self Reconnect". With love and light, Cat

Cat Linden August 12, 2011

YaMa'El represents the highest and deepest beautiful qualities of the Healing Light. She is a highly gifted individual whose soul power serves to illuminate our Path and bring us into the Ascension Pathway. If you seek true Healing, Release and Freedom, go straight to her and you will be welcomed with the Loving Embrace of Spirit. Amazing, extraordinary beyond words. She has helped me in a case where no one else on this earth has even come close. My release from the past means everything to me, and now I have the Key. If you seek the North Star that calls you, she is your Angel. I bless the day I was Guided to her...and so shall you. I am so amazed and I feel strongly reoriented. THANK YOU, YaMaEL, beyond words. I know that my Healing Path is now open before me, and together we have now created a Portal. Every blessing from Spirit,

Rev "x" California July 26, 2011

Hello YaMa'EL. This has been a wonderful experience so far with the few activations I have done. I have a noticeable increase in well being since the Personal Power Code and Past Life Karma Clearing. Having been attuned to many healing modalities and had many activations and healings in the past, I was amazed at the results I have achieved in such a short period of time. Most of my past energy work has resulted in advancements but the progress has been slow over a period of years. I've gained considerably more ground over the last few weeks than over the last few years. Benefits include an increase in confidence, more alignment with my purpose, a feeling of more connection with my body and Higher Self, more vitality and positive expectation of the future. I've always been a positive person but there were some areas of my life that never seemed to progress no matter what I did. These activations have allowed a more graceful and effortless flow into my life and these hard to change areas are now starting to spontaneously change with ease. Thanks again YaMa'EL. I look forward to continuing with your work. Many blessings, Daniel

Daniel Germany July 25, 2011

Greetings YaMa'El, Right away I paid for the [Blue Star energy] I felt some energy and the next 2 days I was very very tired and that was before you attuned me. After you attuned me I had some bursts of energy. I also hurt my lower back 2 weeks before you attuned me. About 5 days after the attunement I was laying on my stomach and the coolest thing happened. I heard whistling in both my ears and I felt wind tunnels where both my legs connect to my hips. Then the tunnels started oscillating alternatively back and forth. After 4 minutes this stopped and 95% of my back pain was gone. I feel this was a mixture of the [Blue Star Energy] session and my Reiki. It was super cool. May the Father/Mother God bless you. Fellow light worker,

Raymond Wisconsin July 14, 2011

I would highly recommend this [Past life Karma Clearing]. I would add that it is important that all individuals be in touch with themselves and are guided to have this amazing service of past karma clearing done. There is both preparation work, work during and after the session that is essential for one to do. The time and energy that one puts forth along with a positive outlook will add to this Past Life Karma Clearing. So specifically to the actual session which was phenomenal. I can say this session was life altering. It is one of those decisions one makes that affects your life in the pathway that you take. I am lighter. I let go of baggage that needed to go. Those lessons are done and as I move forward. I am calm and serene. I, myself, had a lot of physical feelings that moved around my body I just noticed them and then let them go. I feel absolutely great. Thank you . Thank you. Thank you.

Joann Alaska April 16, 2011

Thanks so much for the [higher self reconnection session]. I definitely feel the difference!

Brent Colorado February 20, 2011

Hello YaMa'EL, Since I've done the [Higher Self] Calling, I feel more and more solid and condensed in my physical body. As time goes on, I continue anchoring more and more light in my body using the meditation you gave me after the life force energy activation. Moreover, when I call my I AM presence, I feel in a sovereignty state and terrific. I am happy to be here and there to radiate my I AM presence. With Love and Gratitude

Arnaud France February 11, 2011

The session [5D Grounding] was good and well received. Thank you! I feel happier, lighter and more present than before. It is powerful.

Jean-Benoit France January 21, 2011

Good morning, Yamael, I really felt this as soon as I signed up for it [Personal Power Session] a few weeks ago. All of these attunements have been powerful but this was the most powerful; as if they were cumulative. I can see now how life comes out of that inner 'I am' presence. I never felt it so strongly before. I am deeply, deeply grateful to you Golden Dragon Goddess for your wonderful healing power. Further to the [Personal Power] attunement: weeks before the Jan. 6th date (but after I’d signed up), I was walking in San Francisco near some huge old cypress trees – really old, really beautiful. And as I was walking, I felt the activity at the crown chakra, and felt the I AM presence as far more real, more ‘there,’ than the world around me. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a more peaceful, present moment – in San Francisco, near the ocean, near these ancient trees, and the inner clarity being the strongest element in my field of experience. Oh, yes, and seeing so clearly that the I AM source within is where the wisdom lies – always has been, always will be. Blessings on you, Golden Dragon Goddess, till next time.

James Turkey January 6, 2011

Hi Yama'el, I don't know how to thank you, honestly my life was worse without your guidance. I felt so in peace and secured after doing the calls, as if I was sitting on a cloud and jesus and mother Mary are taking care of the rest. Thanks again and may God bless you

Ziad Lebanon November 20, 2010

Once again, Thank you for your guidance and insight into my higher self. I appreciate your caring and loving energy and look forward to your future activations. In light,

Kristy California November 11, 2010

Around the time of the session [Higher Self Reconnection] I'm pretty sure I was in bed asleep or at least trying to sleep. I couldn't sleep at all, felt pretty hot and woke up randomly around 3:30am. I also had dreams regarding healing. I think my body definitely felt sensations from the session. I can't quite remember what happened the first time I did the calls and the reconnection (I think I just fell back to sleep haha). But the second time i attempted it, I stayed still and meditated but definitely felt higher self come indwell within me!! I had once had similar experience before but I actually wasn't sure what it was at the time. After this session it confirmed it was my higher self. I felt I had expanded really wide and big, I felt very "thick", as in a strong presence and obvious constant flowing energy within. I'm sure there were other sensations but these were the most conspicuous. One time my session greatly focused on my third eye, and I was sitting up and it felt as if I was being pushed back to straighten my back or just lay down. So I layed down and then from there I experienced a fluid floating shift of my body. Most of the experience is hard to describe lol. That's pretty much all my experiences so far. I'm so glad you encouraged me to do dowsing. It's so much fun! I spent like the whole day asking questions, getting better and working on my technique. I actually just started trying it a day before you said to try it. When I started it, it wasn't actually working the way I intended it, but after the first session all my answers were being responded to with clear movements. 🙂 I've asked and done much healing work with it. I am very grateful and want to thank you for facilitating me with this [higher self reconnection session]. I feel this has greatly accelerated me on my journey and i'm very pleased with the results and the experiences. Thank you so much.

Ermond Australia October 28, 2010

Blessings dear YaMa'EL, Thank you for the beautiful session yesterday, [15 chakra upgrade] I don't know at which time you have done this for me, but I could feel the energies running down my system and they are still running. It was extremely powerful and I am happy that I have done it. :)) thank you so much for your wonderful work what you have done for me. I am so happy that I was guided to you. Its really great work! ´ And I am honored and blessed to receive such a healing from you. THANK YOU SO MUCH, dear YaMaEL, Bless your heart and your light.

Jacqueline Germany October 20, 2010

It's so beautiful! [Higher Self Reconnection Session] There are no words for it, well maybe: love 🙂 I like your dedication, warmth and of course your gifts! Love,

Nick Netherlands October 12, 2010

Hello YaMa'EL, Thank you very much for your work with me and in helping me move into my destiny. It is so wild that the internet serves as a portal for us to connect in this profound manner. I have been going through much change but there have been various aspects that seem pertinent to this most recent clearing out and calling of our higher self. Those aspects of myself that may at times seem physically weak seem no longer to matter. They have a backup system in force that supersedes the weakness. Previously when I meditated and asked my higher self to reconnect with me, a series of twitches seemed to signal the process in my body. Now, when most deeply connected these twitches have been replaced by seeming bulges, as if a bit of balloon or bubble gum briefly fills with air. Perhaps this is the experience of our higher self reconnecting with source. During these past days I have had some headaches, some bowel discomfort, some sense of buzziness, early waking-ups and at times the bliss of feeling overflowing with generosity and abundance. I did not begin using the calling out practice until yesterday. It was as if I had forgotten about my [Higher Self Reconnection Session]. I am now doing it twice a day and will be writing it out for myself. I have been considering a big relocation move for some time and knew the decision would come to me when the time was ripe. After the session the decision to relocate to the west coast came to me. It comes with peacefulness and a love for the region I am departing. My higher self reconnection and the decision appear to be connected. In addition to feelings of full comfort and ease in my most weak body parts, and the bulging, balloon like reconnections that are replacing the twitching, I felt myself wonderfully elongated during the pillar of light sequence. I was both rooted and part of the sky, like an elongated tree. As I called my higher self down a feeling of being filled with a more resilient version of my body, as if a balloon had been expanded within me and upon reaching the outer inner limits of my body it hardened while remaining flexible. It was very odd and unexpected. Again, thank you for your lovely work and intermediary role. Benevolent outcomes to you and yours,

Christopher Illinois October 8, 2010

Hi Yamael, It is my honor and pleasure to share my story; Hope all is well, first I would like to thank you for the [Forgiveness Healing], most of the bad memories in my childhood are replaced now with love, gratitude, peace and courage. I also wanted to tell you this story without going into details. Seven years ago when I was living in kuwait I met a girl from the church, she was my first true love, in summary the relation was through distance and I was not so mature and powerful as today. One day (it was five years ago) the priest of our church (that me and she) go to had told the girl to stop talking to me, she listened to him, I had suffered a lot and had some bad feelings toward the priest although I continued to go to his church and participate in the holy mass but I felt there was a barrier between me and him, I was trying my best to forgive him and see if he was right but I did do that 100 percent until I saw him last sunday in the holy mass. When I was taking the communion from him I felt that I completely forgave him and after the holy mass I went from my will to say hi to him without bad feelings and with true forgiveness. Thank you Yamael, I now can forgive through Jesus love.

Ziad Lebanon October 5, 2010

Dear Yama'El, I don't know what to say this one [Personal Power Session] is a lot different from the [Christ Consciousness], the feelings are stronger and the energy is intense yet calming. When I came home and felt my body from the inside it became something hard to describe. I feel more calm than ever, a sense of stillness and peace. Warmth in the stomach area is intense I can even feel the water I drink there in that area and of course the upper cortex of the brain has been having a lot of movement throughout the day. Thank you beloved one for helping me to remember my [personal power].

Darius US September 30, 2010

Hi YaMa'EL, just to follow up with you and let you know what has transpired since the [chakra activation]. Well I have noticed my thoughts are manifesting effortlessly--all I have to do is think about someone or something and they show up--just like that. I have also noticed I have been more tolerant and easy going. Also things I used to like to do before aren't as appealing as before. Also the manifesting I told you about using my hands and intent is even STRONGER now! Blessings,

Anthony California September 23, 2010

I am writing to tell you I completed my verbal decree, [Abuse Healing Session] 🙂 I ended up signing up for the [compassion and forgiveness] session as directed by my higher self. I meditated for many hours last night and I saw many faces of my past. I captured them on film! This is crazy amazing. I was then able to meditate on my beloveds picture and see many faces from his past! I see a Physical Therapist as a result of the car crash who practices many modalities. She saw me yesterday after the session and said well it looks like we may be coming to an end! Praises to the Most High! I am honored to be working with you. Thank you for your assistance!

Deborah Michigan September 16, 2010

Good morning, YamaEl, [Re: 5D Gifts] It’s as if I had waited through countless lifetimes and incarnations for this one drop of truth, this one acknowledgement of who I really am and always have been. What a sense of completion, of fulfillment – this is where I want to live, in completion and wholeness, not in the fragmented plane of 3-dimensionality. I saw “In the beginning…” – which I’ve seen before. This time I saw it as me. All the best to you, Golden Dragon Goddess,

James Turkey September 11, 2010

Good morning, YamaEl, last September I turned to you because I was being plagued, as I have been all my life, with memories of a pair of abusive parents who hated each other and hated me. I used to wake up each morning with really ugly memories in my head. An awful lot of that has disappeared and the volume on the rest has been turned way down. It’s over, and you have no idea how grateful I am for that. All the rest (I think I’ve taken every session you offer) has been great, but to wake up with nothing going on but “here is today” is the work of a real soul healer. All the best to you, Golden Dragon Goddess.

James Turkey September 4, 2010

Greetings YaMa'EL, Thank you for the [abuse release] session – it was very powerful, I could feel an energy realignment going on and other subtler sensations as well, both before and after. I am persuaded. (Later) It seems the energy change is still going on. I feel there’s more of me available to focus on Christ and allow him to express through me. Now I understand hands-on healing – it’s the alignment with the higher orders, one above the other. Not my hands, but Thy hands – all the way up the dimensional scale. Thanks also for your website, it is very powerful and well thought out. I am interested in your work and will be in touch with you again – it is a pleasure to be in touch with you, you give out such a positive energy. Love, James

James Turkey September 2, 2010

The [Life Force Energy DNA Activation] was really cool. I felt extreme tired spells and had no choice but to sleep after my attunement. My scalp was very itchy. I felt lots of energy at my crown and 3rd eye chakra. It felt like tiny miniature worms were exiting my skin on my face, chin, abdomen, and arms. I put crystals on me and it elevated all the energy and itchiness considerably. After the attunement and my 3 hour nap I went to the beach and put my feet in the sand. I finally came back down to mother earth. I meditated and very easily felt a presence behind me (my angel or guide). This was cool. After I meditated I had lots of energy and felt great. Thanks 4 this wonderful gift. Have a light filled day,

Raymond Wisconsin August 18, 2010

Beloved YaMaEL, No words can express my gratitude to you for your EXTRAORDINARY Divinity Work! YOU ARE a Master Activator! I have been meditating and doing 'devoted' lightwork daily for many years, and yes I did experience many blissful moments BUT since I have participated in two of your activations, I have been experiencing several quantum leaps A DAY!!! Truly. I have never ever experienced such powerful transformative energy before! I feel endlessly grateful to my guides that they guided me to you. I feel endlessly grateful to YOU for the AMAZING and POWERFUL, shining, loving, wise and beautiful being you are! Your service to humanity is truly unique, and your light so brilliant. I know I will be travelling the world, telling everyone to do their activations with you the Golden Dragon Goddess YaMaEL- a being powerful beyond our imagination. With infinite love.

Krystaya Rei Berlin July 13, 2010

Dear YaMa'EL, That was an AMAZING experience!!!!!! Thanks you soooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blair Florida June 11, 2010

It is done!!!!!!!!!! [Inner Child Healing] This is awesome!!! I love you! Your clarity is magnificent!

Esteban California June 1, 2010

Even though I only paid for a 2 to 3 email guidance counseling session, YaMa'EL listened and acted on what she was being guided to do, and went ahead with a cord-cutting ceremony which normally costs $122, as well as re-activation of my divine blueprint, not to mention a full clearing & balancing of my chakras. She done all this because she listens to what your higher-self & ascended masters say you need right now. She clearly puts your interests 1st!

Jim Australia April 1, 2010

WOW... ABSOLUTE RELIEF! I perfectly understand now. My prayer is that all women who suffer emotionally be released. (I will of course refer anyone I can to you.) You explained ALL so wonderfully and simply to me, that now I literally see the self-imposed shackles entirely off... and behind me! I hope you have a good grasp of the magnitude of this for me and the Liberation involved after half of my lifetime...This is HUGE! Quantum rejoicing in my deepest heart now. AND thank you for directing me with the CANCEL-CLEAR-DELETE and conscious choosing of thoughts, feelings and words reinforcement. I feel my Natural Creativity is going to ZOOM! I feel I have Completion now. THANK GOD. Love, dear YaMaEl.

Rev "X" California March 25, 2010

Its funny how our higher self and the universe guides us for our highest good. When I first initiated my search for spiritual practitioners, I kept running into the divinity codes website, no matter what search i did. Half of me was skeptical towards the kinds of miracles this website was saying...but now that I have experienced them for myself, my trust has skyrocketed and I feel more positive and upbeat about my life and future as never before. Yamaels [personal power activation] has helped me to firmly establish my boundaries and my family and everyone else respects me more than ever. In addition, our relations are more harmonious than they have been in years! This very effective encoding will help you to stand in your truth and speak your truth to anyone with confidence, and you bet others will listen and take you seriously:) After purchasing the self-healing activation, i immediately started to feel better the very next day!!! I simply asked the universe for this self-healing encoding, like Yamael instructed me to do, and the very next day, my wisdom teeth did not hurt or ache at all!!! A true miracle and I cannot thank Yamael enough for providing me with this wonderful opportunity. She has saved me from two painful procedures that would have cost me hundreds of dollars (as I am uninsured) If you are concerned about the cost of these activations, I consider them as an investment, surely much cheaper than the market price in the spiritual community and they will save you lots of money and needless suffering down the road... I urge anyone to take advantage of these extremely powerful divinity code healing sessions if you would like a healthier, joyful, prosperous, and new you. You will not regret making this decision. I, for one, am not looking back:) love and light,

Phillip Florida March 16, 2010

Oh YaMaEL, the [Blue star energy] attunement was everything that I hoped it would be! I can feel its energy flowing through me, cleansing me in every way that is needed. I'm very excited about this because I know that this is only the beginning. There will be many beautiful things that I will be able to create with this energy. Thank you so much YaMaEL! For the attunement and for acknowledging my connection with Sirius. I will keep you posted.

Paris Maryland December 10, 2009

Hello YaMa'EL, thank you very much for your work and report. Actually changes have manifested very much already days before the [Blue Star Energy Session], where I had a strange feelings/heat of my head, also some changes of energy in my body already, which normalized a bit towards middle of this week. And I noticed that I was much more tired than usual. It was all quite well as I am used to energy changes as I do other spiritual energy work. So nothing to worry 🙂 I will be happy to give you feedback about the effects and how it manifests.

Lorenz Switzerland December 9, 2009

Beloved YaMaEL, I thank you for serving the Divine in this way! I noticed this morning, a lot of old stuff come up and I told myself to just observe and let it go since it WAS old stuff that I thought I had already transmuted. I have already been communicating with my God Self which I have been calling 'Monad' and just discovered in the past week that I could! What a glorious and exciting time we live in! I am truly blessed to be led to YOU for my next evolutionary step! I knew before I finished reading the newsletter about this service you offer with so much love, was a Divine, Glorious, GOLDEN opportunity! Lately, I am not one to miss out on such! I immediately take decisive action. I am so glad I have! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, YaMaEL

Marlene Swetlishoff Canada September 29, 2009

Hello YaMaEL, It is with deep gratitude I say Thank you. I started opening and embracing the divinity codes at midnight last night and continued when I woke up at 5 AM this morning and throughout the day. I felt the strongest energy at 2 PM and 4:30 PM ... it was at those times when I focused on The Divine Divinity Codes [Soul Mission Reconnection] that I saw infinity codes and shapes and hundreds of musical notes floating all around me and into me through my 13th chakra. I also felt removed from earth. It was and is awesome.

Lordial Florida August 4, 2009

Hello YaMa'EL, Thank you! I had sensations at certain times of the day, [Blue Star Energy] I do feel very tired like I should rest but I also feel that a new layer has been added to my consciousness as I experience each moment. I intend to do the [Compassion and Forgiveness] codes next week so you will hear from me soon.  I  thank you for your powerful work and look forward to working with you further.

Clara Texas May 28, 2009

Fabulous darling YaMa'EL, Thank you for this unique [Goddess Power] activation- it truly was super mega electrifying! I was shaking:-))))) I am loving every moment of this extraordinary path. It was YOU, your magnificent being that assisted me in taking quantum leaps. You are ...(now I can think of millions of superlatives...all those wonderful adjectives to express my gratitude to you, my deepest honor to you and your work...) YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT, Brilliant in your divinity! Thank you so much for being who you came here to be! Cosmic hugs,

Krystaya Rei Berlin May 5, 2009

Dearest YaMaEL, Thank you again, the work you did for me [7 Chakra Healing] has helped me enormously. What you did was very powerful and has been an intrinsic part of my healing since then. Much Love to you and so much gratitude!

Tori New Zealand April 30, 2009

Most wondrous YaMaEL! WOWIE what a fabulous [Self Healing] activation! You are a miracle! All of humanity should get to know about your amazing service! I LOVE IT! I love the report and the message from my monad! Thank you for being such a powerful being!!!

Krystaya Rei Berlin March 12, 2009

Dear YaMa'EL, I feel such a connection with You. You are the one that I was guided to and I thank you for this most wonderful healing that you have done on me. You are a very pure conduit for the Divine Light. Your work is amazing and I have been blessed to be guided to Your site. The moment I sign up for the next session I feel the energy work begin! Last healing that you performed on me was a very powerful experience, I was tired and energize and tired again. I did not expect anything but was surprised by the effects of it. I felt much more balanced, energized, stronger and clearer!!! Your feedback was amazingly accurate!!!! I honor your work and dedication to the Light! All You said I resonated with very much!!! Again, I am so blessed to find you my Sister of Light! Knowing Your Presence is such a comfort to my Soul!

Diana of the Golden Ray New Jersey February 26, 2009

Greetings YaMaEL, I have just finished doing a meditation to integrate the activation and attunement for the [Blue Star Energy]. It was a very profound experience ranging from a depth of stillness that began when the attunement process started to experiencing the depths of the energy and connection with Sirius. I have already started using it!  Love and Light, 

Stephen UK February 26, 2009


Stephen UK February 26, 2009

Blessed YaMaEL, Thank you so much for this activation. The day it was taking place I felt fully connected to my higher self and completely at peace. I could feel the [Christ Consciousness] activating within me and felt that all was well. As I just read your email, I could feel a warm glow around my heart and know that Jesus is with me. I have felt quite different since this activation. I feel much lighter and more full of light and I feel even more love for humanity and all of creation. It has definitely made a difference to me. I feel I understand more now. Please feel free to use this as testimonial, YaMaEL. Thank you my beloved sister.

Christine UK February 12, 2009

Dear YaMa'EL, Even though the [Chi-Ball] I got and brought down was a specific activation and healing, could it be re-enlivening each time I consciously attend my beloved chi ball? Just reconnecting with it makes me feel so connected with all life!! It is a part of me now like an energy pet for lack of better terms to describe it. And consciously attending it within me makes me feel full of love and well being!!

Brenda Idaho January 16, 2009

Greetings YaMa'EL, I have noticed the difference in my energy work – I’m not really sure how to describe it, doesn’t matter, just that a noticeable shift has taken place. I AM grateful for your work and Honor You!  

Nida lady of the light California December 11, 2008

Dearest YaMa'EL, Wanting to thank you for the healing and the gifts and I am deeply grateful for all I have received. You know since the first healing, [Blue Star Healing Energy] you mentioned me not being overly comfy in this incarnation, the change has been profound for me here, every so now and then I just wanted to leave this life, now, this is just magnifico! So happy this shadow has left!! Big huggles to you,

Jacqueline Australia December 5, 2008

Thank you so much for your help YaMa'EL. with love,

David California November 22, 2008

Hello from Myles, Mojo & Irene, My follow up from the heart opening chakra + activation is that I find that I consciously go to my heart first but also that I feel that yummy warm feeling in the heart chakra region more and more now. It's learning to discern what I'm, just feeling that this is a heart opening experience, or I'm feeling what someone else is feeling or knowing this is part of my divine path. I already feel a shift , this morning, been smiling all day long..I sure am open to the ever flowing gifts that will manifest from these downloads, upgrades, et al! I also just wanted to share something from last night. My husband was downstairs on the couch with Myles and Mojo (our 2 bull terriers) I was upstairs. Hubby said as soon as you made mention that you were starting, Myles jumped off the couch , laid down on the floor, he put his hand on him.. Myles proceeded to wag his tail for the next 20 minutes and stayed right there for the full session! as you know he already was a loved filled, light filled boy, well he's even more now! lol. Myles skin irritation is better each and every day, [after Pet Healing Session] he's even growing little baby hairs on his face! so, again, thanks , from all of us! Blessings for all!

Irene US November 17, 2008

Hello YaMa'EL!!!! Thank you very much for the assistance that you have given to me. It has been a while since I've had any energy work done so you are a "GODSEND." Well, I have to tell you that I feel very well since the first few activations. For the 1st activation, [Humanity Code] I actually physically felt the work that you were doing on me. I felt a soft buzzing sensation on my face throughout the day and can honestly say that since the 1st activation, I have felt more love and respect for people. I have been looking at people and just thinking to myself, oh, yeah, there goes God:) I use to be very arrogant and egotistical, but now I realize that it does not matter how spiritual I proclaim to be, or what I know, I am useless without a respectable amount of humility and a desire to serve humanity. Thank You very much for participating in my discovery of that fact:) I am very much looking forward to a [Full 7 Chakra Reading, Clearing and Realignment]. I feel I would really benefit from this work. I Thank You in advance for the healing and realigning session. Peace and Blessings be upon you.

Lucretia California November 17, 2008

Dear YaMaEl: Thank-you for arranging for such a special event. I had a very high energy day yesterday and felt much peace and confidence throughout the day. The beautiful gold and silver light I only see and use during my meditation sometimes gives me hope to continue to delve deeper into that extraordinary state which is our heritage. I am already applying the [self healing power] actively with the problems I mentioned. I plan to use this energy during my meditations during the week. I will be contacting you again re. progress and another activation. Love and blessings,

Carla Texas November 7, 2008

If you are reading this, then you are ready! My life has changed since I began receiving Divinity Codes. I knew intuitively it was what I wanted, but WOW, since having them my higher purpose and ability to hear my Higher Self, guides and angels has far exceeded any expectation that I had. I am writing again, my confidence in myself has exploded. This is exactly what I need to fulfill my mission. I now feel and experience a deeper knowingness of my wisdom and guidance from my Higher Self, Jesus and all the help from heaven. Eternal Love and Gratitude YaMa'EL

Anne Deidre Smith New Hampshire November 6, 2008

Hello YaMaEL, Thank you so much for the support everybody did with the two powerful sacred activations of light. [Personal Power & Christ Consciousness] I feel so much expansion and filled with so much light and love, the sacred sessions were so profound and Heart Touching. I am finding that I have more clarity and serenity when doing my meditations and feel a sense of peace within me, this personal power divinity code is helping me in my spiritual growth, thank you for this spiritual support. I am grateful to you and all the high beings of light that are assisting me in this lifetime. I am looking forward to another session with you and my divine I AM Presence. All my Love to you and the Ascended Hosts of Light.

Louis Illinois October 28, 2008

Hello YaMa'EL!! Thanks for the gifts you bring to the world and the contribution you are to me. Thank you for my Code Re-Activation Wednesday. When I was reading your report and messages from my higher self I literally burst into tears several times with the feeling of being loved and cared for. I also felt understood and deeply known. Thanks for helping me move past the resistance to the Seal removal. I'm happy to know that I have much work to do on this planet and I hope I do it well. Best Regards,

Dean New Jersey October 23, 2008

I received the [Self Healing re-activation and re-purification session] about a month ago. After the session people and situations have been coming into my life that have been rapidly assisting me and helping me be more empowered to do what is needed to attain radiant health. I feel like the session popped the lid off of whatever was suppressing my health and that now I have the freedom and opportunity to easily manifest radiant well being. Thanks also for the [Humanity Code] session, I feel more clear and empowered today. I really enjoy the descriptions of the session, and am really happy that the [life force code] is being recommended because that is the code that I really want. I am actually going to order it right now. Thanks again. With love and gratitude,

Brent Colorado October 20, 2008

Hi YaMaEL, First let me say I have 14 cats all somewhat related whom I call THE CLAN. These cats have always been too wild to touch but NOW, after the pet clan activation, the wildest of the bunch began coming up and rubbing against my legs and allowing a pet or two as I passed them to and from my regular chores. when I go out to sit in my yard they all come in from the whole country block and lay around me or come and rub on my legs and purr. I feel as if they are consciously and willingly sharing energy with me now and I feel a great sense of devotion and thanks coming from The Cat Clan after the [Divine Pet Healing Session].

Brenda Idaho September 22, 2008

Thank you so much for the [Divine Goddess Power Reactivation!] I noticed the night you did the activation and the following day I had some pain at the top of my head (crown chakra), that would sort of come and go. Since the reactivation I'm noticing quite a lot of "stuff" coming to the surface which I'm trying my best to sort out and let go. Again I want to thank you from the center of my heart. Love and Light,

Angela Pennsylvania September 9, 2008