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Ascension is a process, not a destination. As we raise our vibrations in preparation for Ascension and creating a New Earth Reality of enlightenment, each of us experience the shifts of evolution in many different ways. For some, the process is more difficult while others seem to sail through their integrations and vibrational shifts. Below you will find a list of Ascension Tools available to you from and other beautiful beings of light from both this dimension and beyond that will help you make the transition into Ascension more peaceful and harmonious. 


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Spiritual Hygiene Article by YaMaEL




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Spiritual Hygiene
by YaMaEL



Hello Beautiful One!!

Below is what I call SPIRITUAL HYGIENE practices which includes a simple energy healing meditation to use daily or more to really be able to turn your life into triumph!!

Remember that you are an INFINITE being with INFINITE possibilities and choices and it is your choice to be a healthy happy 5th dimensional being... or not!!

OK so on to some very helpful practices for you...

You are going to incorporate this into your daily practices...and I recommend it be done daily or several times per day same as showering or brushing your teeth.

Get yourself outside standing on the earth, preferably in bare feet ... if you cannot go outside, simply stand barefoot on the floor or sit with your feet flat on the floor...

Start with breathing deeply into your beautiful heart a few times.. then breathe down to the center of the earth.. do this a few times till you feel good and grounded.

Then on the next BIG inhale breathe your energy UP into the HIGHEST BRIGHTEST divine light you can find as you go UP UP UP into the energy of the central sun till you cant take another breath in as you COMMAND - RETURN EVERY CELL OF MY BEING TO DIVINITY!!!

Then on the out breathe, take in that golden light from the sun/source and bring it down through your body and down into your heart and lungs and out thru your feet all the way to the center of earth to ground it there as you ask the divine mother to transmute anything less than the perfection and divine oneness light that you truly are underneath all the poo.

Do this for at least 20 minutes as often as possible.. or until you can feel yourself fully expanded with light.

If you are ever experiencing pain or discomfort then you will do it until that subsides even if you have to do this for 30-45 minutes or more. Listen to your body and do it till any discomfort is gone.

You can do this for anything.. pain, anxiety, etc.. this is how we clear and heal anything in the 5th dimension now 🙂


I know as good as anyone how difficult it can be when we are experiencing something other than divine health and abundance.. but the more you can love you and accept you AT ALL TIMES and view your life as PERFECT RIGHT NOW even when it doesn't appear that way, the more it has room to shift into that which you desire.

Perception is key.. joy, love, and especially self love helps to shift all this.

I also want to share something else ... each morning and before bed and anytime in between.. this might sound silly but it WORKS... I do this myself every time I pass by a mirror.

ALL these things were taught to me by my own Spiritual Mentor years ago and are the tools I used to heal myself and keep my love vibrations high so I KNOW these things work!!

Look in the mirror and into your beautiful eyes, and to yourself and your inner child say the following... as many times per day as you can remember.. put up little sticky notes on your mirrors, on your desk etc...


another mantra I say over and over whenever I can is this >>

YOU ARE GOD (speaking to your little inner child)

I AM GOD (speaking to you)


Then look at yourself and tell yourself how much you love all the things about you that you feel you do not love and love them anyways...

example guide below... then you fill in for you the things you dont like but are willing to love back to wholeness....

I love and accept all my fear
I love and accept my impatience
I love and accept my finances
I love and accept my beautiful healthy body

(... keep going)

then continue by saying things to yourself like...

I think you are beautiful, sexy, abundant, radiant, you are smart and powerful and divine. You are patient and kind and giving and amazing, and smart and whole and prosperous and and and... you get the idea.

Dear one, the more you can love you and remember that you are GOD in a body experiencing life as you and remembering that even the poo you don't like is DIVINE and is only here to bring you back to your true divine self.. the faster the poo will dissolve and become all that you know to be true about each of us.

Even murder and things like that are DIVINE.. and the things we hate or fear most are there to show us that we are or have done those things whether in this life or past lives and it is surfacing now so that we can return to God.

You MUST shift what you feel on the inside because ALL that you experience in this outer 3D world is ONLY a reflection of what is inside you, whether it be fear, impatience sickness, lack etc. that still needs to be let go of so God can heal it.

SURRENDER all fear, pain etc.. just let it go and ask yourself... who would I be without any stories?? without any fear?? without lack, sickness or pain etc..

the answer is DIVINE!!!

Does this make sense?? it's time for you to work on your INNER YOU so the outer YOU and all your experiences can shift to your hearts true desires, which are right there within you the moment you shift out of fear (of not having something like perfect health or abundance) and into LOVE for EVERYTHING!!

I hope this helps you beautiful one.. please dont just read it.. print it and DO these things faithfully so your outer world can reflect all that is within you and hiding under the poo.

It's time for you to surrender ALL poo to God.. ALL OF IT so Gods light that you are can shine through.

Every time you have a fear that something is missing, or have a pain, a health issue.. BREATHE it up to the highest Source light you can find, then breathe source down into your body and back into earth and ask again and again each time something surfaces for the divine earth mother to transmute ALL of it back to Pure love and divine oneness and that ALL CELLS OF YOUR BEING BE RETURNED TO DIVINITY so the GOD SOURCE BEING WITHIN YOU CAN WAKE UP in every cell of your body!!

When you think of your body, your finances etc.. LOVE IT and COMMAND that GOD wake up inside your body and every cell, molecule and atom of your body NOW as you make the choice OVER AND OVER to be your highest God Source Being right now and every moment.

The moment you can fully accept your entire God Source Self, even any darkness/fear/hate/sickness/lack etc that may be within you as DIVINE.. is the moment nothing outside of you can hurt or bother you again.

I have been doing this for years and it is not something we do once and forget it.. returning to our true divine selves is an ongoing practice for all of us.. the more you take time to DO IT DAILY the faster your life will shift as mine and countless others have.

I speak from experience... believe me, I have been there, long ago I was literally in a dying body that had 6 months left to live... I was in deep debt, I was living in fear and addicted to pain relieving drugs and HATED myself and my life.. which is why I stayed in that game for so long.. and it wasn't until I began to REALLY LOVE MYSELF and do all the things I am sharing and teaching you FAITHFULLY that it started to shift and change into what my life is now.. happy, joyous, rich and abundant and healthy and FREE beyond my wildest dreams.

I cannot tell you how many times I said "there can not possibly be one more ounce of poo left inside of me after all this work!!!"

Then I remind my ego that until I can tele-port & manifest substance from Light ~ & spontaneously heal tens of thousands of people at one time ~ I STILL HAVE WORK TO DO ON MYSELF & STUFF TO CLEAR SO THAT I CAN BE A PERFECTED CHANNEL OF SOURCE LIGHT AT ALL TIMES!!

TRUST ME HERE... TRUST YOUR GOD SELF and make these things as regular in your day to day life as much as showering and brushing your teeth are, which is why I call all of this...


Keep breathing UP to the highest light you can find and you will find you will soon be able to go higher than you ever thought possible.

Keep choosing to be your highest God Source Being EVERY BLESSED MOMENT!!

Keep reminding yourself you are a vessel of INFINITE POSSIBILITY and CHOICES and your choice is to be your highest God Source NOW.

You can go thru your body, one organ at a time and command your God Source Being to wake up in every cell, atom and molecule of your being like this >>>






etc etc etc!!!!

Keep choosing to be FREE with EASE and without any stories no matter what is going on! No more talk of what you do not have with your voice, or in emails etc.. when we do this.. more of what we do not want is created.. same goes if you speak only of love, abundance and joy, then those things will be create.. that is how POWERFUL we are dear one!!!!!!!

FORGIVE YOURSELF for anything less because these things (lack, sickness etc) only happen to show you where your not yet healed... look at it as a blessing that is bringing you higher and closer to THE TRUE YOU and imagine life the way you want it to be so it can manifest!!!

You can do this.. and I am always here if you need me... YOU CAN DO THIS with ease grace and harmony just like I did and countless others I have helped heal and return to their true God source Being they are and have always been underneath all the poo!!!

Do the meditation, the I AM GOD, the I LOVE YOU and the wake up to source techniques EVERY MORNING faithfully and each time you have a spare moment in between and I promise you, you will shift all of it into light and out of darkness because even the darkness IS DIVINE!!!!!!!

Clearing Your Energy Field:

Below are a few Call To Action Commands you can make to help keep your energy field clean and pristine. Make these calls every morning when you wake up and again before you go to sleep at night. 

Begin Below >>>

I AM this I AM calling forth my Mighty I AM Presence to increase my spiritual protection and privacy to be 100% adequate times infinity, raised to the power of infinity NOW! So Be It! So It Is. Anchor Lock and Seal I AM!

I AM this I AM calling my mighty I AM Presence to indwell and clear, clean and pristine every layer and level of my being that I AM, restoring my Subtle Bodies, Spaces between Subtle bodies, Chakras, Organs, Glands, Meridians, bodily systems, cells, DNA, between DNA and all thoughts and feelings to a pristine state and condition. I further call all information stored within me and ALL beings gathered with me into pristine alignment with the Law of One and my Divine Plan. All those who cannot or will not pristinely align, along with any energies devices or entities present that that are not pristinely aligned are now gathered up in full measure and Sent Home through the Portal back to the Mother's Great Womb Vortex for final recycling and completion NOW.
So Be It! So it Is! Anchor, Lock, and Seal I AM!

  End of calls


I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!! now love yourself as much as I and God love you!!!!

My deepest love and blessings to you!!!



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Spiritual Hygiene Article by YaMaEL