Self Healing Power DNA Activation

Restore Your Ability To HEAL YOURSELF by activating your Self Healing Power! PLUS a Special Cellular Energy RE-Purification!

One of the many sacrifices we made when we agreed to experience life in a biological body on Planet Earth was to relinquish our memory of our self healing power, our God given ability to heal ourselves and maintain perfect balance and harmony in all aspects of our Being.

beautifuljesusJesus' life on Earth was the first glimpse of what you and everyone incarnated on Earth are capable of as Multidimensional Beings of Light and aspects of God, the Creator who brought us into existence. 2000 years ago Jesus spoke to the people and told us that the very things he did, we could do and more by the power of the Holy Spirit.

For many, hearing this truth quickly re-activated the memory of their own God given abilities and self healing power. Yet many others took years to achieve these abilities and by many standards, they were considered Miracle Workers and Great Healers. But the truth is that these same abilities, these gifts of great magnitude have always been a part of you since the moment of your creation. You need only to access the dormant memory of it's existence within you and your ability to use it!

Many years ago, at the age of 39, I was dying of chronic lifelong kidney failure with less than a year left to live when I made my request to the Universe and God within me to REMEMBER loud and clear!! In less than 3 months I was completely healed of kidney failure and healthier and happier than I ever dreamed possible. (Click to read YaMaELs Self Healing Story) A few years later I ripped my shoulder in 3 places and was told by an Orthopedic Dr. that only extensive surgery could fix it. I proved those Dr's wrong in less than 3 weeks without surgery or therapy of any kind. My shoulder was, and still is, completely healed all by using the self healing power within me!

In the few short years since my own self healing, Lightworkers have raised the vibration of this planet beyond all expectation. Earth Gaia and Humanity are evolving at an extremely rapid rate of speed. What is available today in the Energy Healing realm was not possible even mere weeks ago. It no longer takes hours and hours of meditation or other practices to restore this ability that is already a part of your Being! We are in Virgin Territory, and thanks to the determination of waking souls across the planet, it no longer has to take months or weeks of focusing and practice to heal yourself! We are now capable of instant awakenings, instant healings and instant manifestations of our hearts desires!

It is time to REMEMBER YOUR SELF HEALING POWER and make your request known to God and the entire Universe that you are ready to re-member and restore your ability to completely and totally heal yourself of anything and everything that is perceived to ail you.

Sickness, pain, suffering, death, are ALL illusions of the 3rd and 4th dimension. You have the SAME Self Healing POWER within you that Rose Lazarus from the Dead!! But lifetimes of forgetting who and what you are, lifetimes of fear and lies have convinced humanity that we are here to suffer and die at the mercy of sources outside ourselves.

What if I told you right here and now that you are PERFECT & IMMORTAL?

Would you believe the voice of God within who taps on your truth receptors and confirms this to be true from every fiber of your being even if it goes against everything you have ever believed in your life?

It is true beloved ONE... that is the truth of YOU!

If, right now as you read this, you know pain in your body, your heart, your life... would you give it up in exchange for the truth of your perfection to be awakened within you here and now? If you knew you never had to suffer again, would you, could you... change your mind, your choice, your life?

That IS the choice before you now!

Beautiful ONE, we are all brothers and sisters of the ONE CHRIST, sons and daughters of Father/Mother God! And you possess the power to heal yourself and your planet that has ALWAYS been with you! It is NOW TIME to remember you still and always have a choice to TAKE BACK YOUR SELF HEALING POWER when you are ready and guided from within.

I have created a New Energy Healing Code for restoring your Self Healing Power with the help and guidance of Jesus Christ, that includes RE-Activating your Original Divine Self Healing Power and Full Cellular Energy Healing RE-Purification that occurs INSTANTLY without any effort required on your part!

All you have to do is ASK THE UNIVERSE!

To restore it, simply make your request to re-member the truth of who you are, to remember the truth that sickness and pain, suffering and victimization are choices you once agreed to take on in this body of atoms as your truth, and know that you can now request to RE-activate your Original Divine Self Healing Power and completely restore, and rejuvenate your entire being so you can once again experience Divine Health, Divine Joy and Divine Happiness while living in your human body. Your evolution Beloved, is no longer dependent on sources outside yourself!

If you are tired of being sick and tired, and you are now ready to RE-Activate and RE-Purify your Body on a Cellular and Energetic level, if you are ready to RE-Activate your Original Divine Self Healing Power to Heal Yourself from the inside out, then get ready to experience yourself as the Divine Perfection you were created to BE, HAVE & EXPERIENCE right here on Earth from a physical body!

This Powerful Self Healing Power RE-Activation includes a SPECIAL Cellular and Energetic RE-Purification to help you sever and release all old programs, contracts and prior agreements you ever made to experience anything but the perfection you are.

What Are The Benefits Of This Self Healing Session?

* REActivates Your Original Divine Self Healing Power!

* Receive a Full Cellular & Energetic RE-Purification!

* Restore Your God Given Ability To Heal Yourself!

* REJuvenate Your Entire Being!

* Experience Your Own Healing Miracles Without Effort!

This Very Personal Self Healing Power REActivation is a 2 part Session and includes the REActivation and a Full Cellular and Energetic body REJuvenation and is VERY POWERFUL, Life Altering and WILL have an effect on you! Get ready to EXPERIENCE MIRACLES!

How Much Does the Self Healing Power Activation Cost?

The Energy Exchange for This 2 part Re-Activation is currently:


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Self Healing Power Activation

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Namaste' YaMaEL