5D Ascension Training THREE

5D Activation of Your Higher 3 Avatar Light Bodies to  Merge into the Oneness of Your Soul!

Welcome Radiant One to Session THREE of our 5D Activation and Ascension Training Series! I AM Ascended Master Jesus, your 5D Activation and Ascension Training Guide for this session and all sessions to follow.

jesus_master2On the Wings of Love and the hand of God, here you are, standing on the threshold in the light of the Golden Avatar that you are. Do not take lightly the steps you have taken and the great influx of that that you have brought to your beloved planet just following the path to your truest and highest Avatar Self. For that is who you are and have always been. You are merely remembering your roots, your power and the Divine Being you will always be. Just ahead of you Beautiful One, is a journey to the 7th Dimension to reclaim your Mastery and your Purpose. it is with great love in my heart and joy from my lips that I say VICTORY TO YOU IN THE HIGHEST LIGHT!

Are you ready to take the third and final step of the 12 Lightbody INITIATION of the 5D Activations and step into your Avatar Self to reclaim the Mastery of your own Divinity? That is just what will occur in 5D Activation THREE of the Ascension Training Series. As we journey through your Sacred Heart where we will enter the 7th Dimensional Gateway Portal. Together, we will be anchoring and activating your highest 3 Avatar Lightbodies and all 12 will then be merged and rejoined as your permanent Merkaba, the essence of your fully activated 12th Dimensional Body of Light. Your entire Being will then be purified and aligned in the Sacred Master of Oneness Attunement Ceremony as you take your rightful place in this Universe as the Master Avatar that you are and have chosen to remember at this time.

See you in the 7th Dimension of us all

~ Adonai, Master Jesus 

This 5D Activation session with Master Jesus (and all to follow) in the 5D Ascension Training Series will be offered in BOTH written Transcript and Audio Format and available via download to save, print or listen to at your convenience. After payment has been made, the downloadable sessions with Master Jesus will be sent to you in a .zip file that contains the following 4 files as listed below.

5D Activation THREE Written Transcripts

Made available in 3 formats:

The written transcript of this 5D Activation is a MUST READ as it contains your session directions, guidance to follow before and after the session and the written version of the 5D activation meditation. PLEASE READ THE TRANSCRIPT FIRST before listening to the audio meditation. Once you have read it through, then you may proceed to do the 5D activation meditation session either by reading it from the document by listening to the included audio file.

You will receive an audio version of the 5D Activation meditation only along with the detailed session and meditation in written transcript in 3 different formats for your convenience. You only need to read ONE of them as they are all identical other than the formats they are in as shown below:

A - .txt text document that is easy to read in any text viewer such as NotePad or WordPad.

B - .pdf document you can view from adobe acrobat reader (recommended for best viewing)

C - .doc Microsoft Word document that is viewable in MS Word.

D - Plus Audio MP3 of the meditation/5D activation session

How Much Does This 5D Activation Session Cost?

The Energy Exchange for 5D Activation Training Session THREE in WRITTEN and AUDIO format is currently $88.88

If you are being called from within to experience session three of individual 5D Activation and Ascension Training with Master Jesus you may do so by clicking the Paypal button below. (After payment has been made you will be directed to a special page to immediately download your 5D Ascension Training Session Three with Master Jesus. You will also receive a Paypal receipt via email of the transaction for your records.)

5D Activation Training Session THREE 
Final INITIATION ACTIVATION of 10th thru 12th Avatar Light Bodies