Blue Star Energy Healing Activation & Attunement

Blue StarThe Universal Blue Star Healing Energy comes to us from the Sirian Star System and contains ALL of the healing energies that exist on earth at this time in ONE powerful high vibrational healing light energy that I use each day in my own life, in my planetary healing work and in nearly all of my Healing Sessions that many of my clients have experienced the power of first hand. It is time for us all to begin living in and existing from the highest frequencies and dimensions possible in order to co-create the massive changes needed to create and experience Heaven right here on Earth.

This powerful Blue Star Energy is Healing Light that is much more than just a higher vibrational light brought in from the Sirian Star System for our use at this time in healing ourselves and planet earth. Blue Star Energy also balances and realigns our physical and spiritual bodies to the highest vibration sustainable at this time, enabling an easier transition and integration of higher and higher frequencies of light that we are achieving within our physical bodies and on this earth on a daily basis. It's a much faster and easier way to release negative energy that has been blocking your physical body from entering much higher frequencies and dimensions of light and love.

Blue Star Energy HealingThis high vibrational blue star energy raises the vibration of all healing modalities in existence along with the vibration of the person giving, receiving and or using the Universal Blue Star Energy as we ourselves along with the planet are now vibrating at and living at higher rates of vibration than has ever been accomplished before, not to mention occupying our own existences in dimensions much higher than the 3rd. No matter what dimension you are currently occupying at this time, the Blue Star Energy easily takes you to the higher dimensions when you are ready and guided from within.

Universal Blue Star Energy can be best associated with the Universal Reiki Energy in that it is received through one who is attuned to this energy system the same way Life Force Energy flows through one initiated in Reiki. The only difference being the much higher frequency of the Blue Star Energy which is now available to us in a much higher frequency of light and vibration than has ever been available on earth before, providing a means through which a much faster, more harmonious healing and clearing process can take place.

Blue Star Energy - What Are The Benefits of an Attunement?

  • Experience Easier and Quicker Clearing Processes!
  • Experience Increased Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Healing!
  • Raise the Frequency and Vibration of ANY Healing Modality You Use!
  • Ability To Use This Energy On Yourself And In Service To Others!
  • Ability To Use This Energy To Help Heal Our Beloved Earth Gaia!
  • Ability To Use This Energy To Heal Plants, Animals and Water!
  • Ability To Move Into & Live In Higher Dimensions Simultaneously!
  • Ability To Use This Energy Remotely & For Hands On Healing!
  • Once Attuned, The Blue Star Energy Is Always Readily Available!

** NOTE:This is a Powerful Blue Star Energy Activation and Attunement that WILL have an affect on you. The Universal Blue Star Energy can be felt moving within ones body after being activated especially those who are more sensitive to subtle energies. It can take up to 21 days or longer for this new frequency of blue star energy vibration and light to integrate fully within your being as guided by your higher self at a rate that is for your highest good at this time.

Blue Star Energy

Those who are already in healing service to others can expect these new energies to come much faster and in a much higher frequency than what was previously available to work with regardless of what healing modality you use, expect it to be intensified greatly once attuned with this high vibrational energy. Those who are being called into Healing can expect the calling to intensify until it blossoms into a full knowing of what you are here at this time to do. This Blue Star Energy activation is not for everyone. Those guided to receive this activation and attunement with the Universal Blue Star Energy are expected to use it for their own highest good and the continued effort of healing Mother Earth and all who dwell upon her.

How Much Does the Blue Star Energy Healing & Activation Cost??

The Energy Exchange for The Universal Blue Star Energy Activation & Attunement is currently:


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