Hello dear YaMaEL, Thank you from all of my heart for a such a beautiful and powerful session what really felt as you there here in same room with me! The [Karmic clearing session] has had such a powerful affect on me straight from the time i claimed it. My left shoulder is really free now and don't have any closed feelings. This is amazing !! I'm going around moving my shoulders 😀 happiness 🙂 I love me 🙂 I love you and your work! It is hard to put all words in line here to express my gratitude, it would take ages to tell all the major changes what i have 🙂 You who read it now : yes it's time:) yes she's amazing ! You will be happy to know her and her work!! Lot of love and light, Helen

Helen Finland https://www.divinitycodes.com/15d-karmic-clearing/ April 16, 2015