I am so grateful to the Universe, Father God and Mother God and All-That-Is Divine for guiding me to you! After the [15 chakra auric clearing session], (the process was difficult to the point that it 'seemingly' temporarily crippled every aspect of the 'me' that I had been carrying for over 51 years!) I have been doing everything you suggested in the report you provided, and it is now as if I have walked through a profoundly marvelous door that I am learning to shut forever...just have to learn to sustain it. Today at 12:12, (it is Dec. 12) I was aware of the new and beautiful energies coming on this day. For over two years now, the Archangels and Higher Guides have been downloading to me how to do the chakra connections without me understanding this information...today I understand that they have been preparing me to line up and be ready for this healing, and to receive! I understand that there will be more downloads, more upgrades, more letting go...but can not fully express at this time what has happened inside of me at this point, other than the knowing of true JOY! Bright Blessings Always! With Awesome Gratitude of Your Amazing Grace and Light,

Donna Virginia https://www.divinitycodes.com/15d-auric-clearing/ December 9, 2011