5D Ascension Training With Master Jesus

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This is a SPECIAL MEMBERS ONLY SESSION and can only be accessed by registered members of this website. Please Login or Register using the Login/Register links in the Orange Site Menu above. Registration is 100% FREE! Once you Login, all MEMBERS ONLY SESSIONS will be fully accessible to you. See you inside!

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2 Responses to “5D Ascension Training With Master Jesus”

  1. Laurie Drysdale Says:

    I resonate with your mission and the truthful utterance of your soul’s work. I have been building my light quotient for years, transmuting old programming, and merging with my beloved “I am presence” for years. Invoking the violet flame in the name of my “I am presence” to transmute all misqualified energies that any man, woman and child have ever brought forth in any time line or dimension, and asking that the patterns of god’s infinite perfection for the golden age of light fill the voids where the previous misqualified energies existed before the violet flame blazed through those imperfections. I am a volunteer soul in service to Mother Earth and all her life, seeking greater and clearer knowledge of my part in anchoring the patterns of infinite perfection in this golden age of light. I am in total alignment to the era of love, peace and unity upon this new earth manifesting heaven on earth in this now. I shan’t stop the soul work until this has been manifest as a tangible reality in the lives of all precious life upon this beloved planet. So be it. It is so. Thank you and namaste.

  2. YaMaEL Says:

    My deepest love and blessings to you dear one!! ~ YaMaEL

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