Personal Power Energy Healing Activation

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Personal Power Energy Healing Activation

Personal Power Code Re-Activation

Re-Activate Your Original Divine Personal Power Codes Plus SPECIAL RE-Attunement Energy Healing with Your “I AM Presence”!

Personal PowerWhat is Personal Power? Part of your Original Divine Blueprint included a fully enlightened, activated and balanced Personal Power Energy Center, which originates in your Solar Plexus Chakra and is innately expressed through your Throat Chakra. When these 2 centers are balanced, your Inner Personal Power facilitates your ability to Speak Your Truth, Set Clear Boundaries and UNLEASH the Original Power of your Divine Creativity as the Multidimensional Being of Pure Light and Love that YOU ARE and Were Created TO BE!

RE-Activating Your Personal Power Codes via your God Self’s guidance, indicates your readiness to re-align with your Soul’s Purpose and restore your ability to firmly Stand In Your Truth, Set the Boundaries you need for your highest good in order to live in Peace and Harmony the way it was intended. The way you have yearned for over many lifetimes! Are you READY to EXPERIENCE The DIVINELY POWERFUL YOU that YOU REALLY ARE? True Joy and Happiness are only and ever found within you. Getting to the root of what you really want and trusting the Divine Power within you at 100% IS what creating Heaven on Earth from and within your physical body is all about!! Using Your God Given Personal Power you can create…

  • Perfect Divine Health
  • Prosperity & Abundance
  • Your Dream Home
  • Peace and Harmony in EVERY Situation and Relationship
  • The Perfect for you work that Serves YOUR Souls Mission

This Personal Power-Activation – Energy Healing Session with YaMa’EL includes a SPECIAL RE-Attunement to help you strengthen your connection to your “I AM Presence” which is crucial to standing in and speaking your Divine Truth no matter what obstacle you are facing or who might be standing in your way! A strong connection to your I AM Presence is the enlightened power behind a fully activated and balanced Personal Power Center. They work hand in hand for your highest good.

What Are The Benefits Of A Personal Power Energy Healing?

* RE-Activates and Restores Your Original Personal Power Codes!

* Includes SPECIAL RE-Attunement to Strengthen Your I AM Presence!

* RE-Balance, Heal and Clear Your Throat Chakra ~ Your Personal Power Center!

* Kicks-In Your RE-Membrance of the Personal Divine Power Within You!

* Helps You RE-Align with Your Soul’s Purpose and the Guidance Within You! This Sacred Personal Power RE-Activation is a 2 part RE-Activation and RE-Attunement Energy Healing and is VERY POWERFUL, Life Altering and WILL have an effect on you! Get ready to STAND IN YOUR PERSONAL POWER! 

How Much Does the Personal Power Activation Cost?

The Energy Exchange for The Re-Activation of Your Personal Power Codes Plus Special “I AM Presence RE-Attunement is currently $120.00

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Personal Power Activation

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Namaste’ YaMaEL

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